October 27, 2019

Five Comic Book Mashup’s

October 21, 2019

Ten Saturday Morning Cartoon Mashup’s

Wanted to discuss a particular part of Saturday Morning Cartoon’s which has always fascinated me. When a show is mashed up with another show to form a full “hour”. Usually this is a transparent attempt to bolster one not so popular show with another. Or to make re-runs look like new material. One that really worked was “Garfield & Friends” which featured U.S. Acres segments in between Garfield cartoons. I was annoyed at this when the show premiered but I came to be fond of U.S.Acres, which was another Jim Davis strip.

October 20, 2019

Memorable TV Line-Up’s:NBC Monday Night (Fall 1997)

So I’ve done a few of these now, talking about lineup’s that were so solid and strong that people still talk about them today! But I got to thinking, has the opposite ever happened? Has a network ever done a lineup so bad that people never forget them? And I don’t mean the early days of FOX or the WB when they were struggling and put anything on. I mean one of the big network’s just flat out giving up and producing a line up which even they had to know, NO ONE WOULD WATCH. Well, I dug and found a line up that makes a good example. From NBC in 1997.


As I’ve said NBC was on top of the world in the 80’s and 90’s. They were solid on Monday’s with Alf, Hogan Family and later The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Blossom– until 1996. When Fresh Prince ended NBC was determined to keep Monday a “must see TV night” for comedy. The 1996 lineup was so lame I wont even dignify it. So in 1997 they decided to take their crappy “time slot hits” (you know, shows that were only successful because they aired opposite Seinfeld or Friends) and give them a night all of their own. The result? You can probably guess!

Suddenly Susan

I’ve discussed this before, probably more than it deserves. This is the Brooke Shields show which struggled to find an identity. First it was about a magazine writer who was suddenly single. Then in the second season she had a nemesis and a love interest. The third season saw such a dramatic retooling that it lost its audience very fast. The supporting cast was ok but the writing was never there.

October 17, 2019

Ten Star Trek Characters That Were Transformed

October 14, 2019

The Best & Worst Star Trek-TNG Character Episodes

Any good ensemble series will have several episodes devoted to its various characters. Course, that wasn’t the rule as much in the old days when “supporting characters” did just that. They had a few lines and that was it. I guess people didn’t think audiences cared that much about the supporting characters. Take the classic Trek, where none of the other cast members had episodes revolved around them, just Kirk and Spock. Scotty sorta had one, in “Wolf in the Fold”. And McCoy kinda had one, in “The World is Hollow”. But that was it. So it would be pretty hard to do an article like this for that show.

As time went on creators realized fans wanted to see the “supporting characters” get the spotlight once in awhile. And series started to reflect that by having episodes where other characters were the focus once in awhile. This gave us a chance to not only spend some time with the characters, but learn a little more about them too. And by the time The Next Generation came around, that was the policy. Everyone got at least one episode a season where they were the focus. Some were good, others not. But I was wondering, which were the best?

So these don’t have the best episodes of the series, just the strongest episode for the particular character. The criteria here is more than just the actor getting a lot to do. It needs to be an episode that explores the character, and maybe even shows a side of them we’ve never seen. And since they can’t all be good, very briefly will mention what I think is the worst. And I can’t stress enoygh, this is all just my opinion. Here’s what I came up with:


Tough to choose between this and “Inner Light”. That episode is fantastic, but I decided Tapestry was better in this instance for one simple reason. In Inner Light, Picard is living another man’s life. In Tapestry, it’s his own life being examined. And thanks to Q, he learns just how important those early experiences were in making him who he is today. It seems most Picard episodes are snore fests involving his love life. This is different and very well written script.

WORST-“Lessons”, dull and stupid

October 11, 2019

Top 10 Favorite Hanna-Barbera Characters

A lot of people say Disney or Looney Tunes ruled their childhood. Others say Fox Kids or Kids WB. For me? It had to be Hanna-Barbera!

October 8, 2019

Top 10 Best Hershey Products

When Halloween comes around, a lot of things get discussed. We think of costumes, scary monsters, and of course Halloween TV and movies. But there is one thing that gets a lot of attention on Halloween that no one ever talks about–CANDY!

October 7, 2019

A Look at 10 Actors who were “The Joker”

Before I even begin, no I have not seen the new “Joker” movie that just came out. What I know about it comes from trailers and critical opinion. That being said…

October 5, 2019

1000th Blog Special-Why 1984 Was the Best Year Ever!

Ten months ago I said that this year would mark my 1000th blog and I would celebrate with follow up’s and reposts of old stuff. Well my friends today we have done it, 1000 blogs starting in August of 2011. I can’t express my appreciation enough for those of you who come back and read these silly things I post. These blog’s have become a very important way for me to share things I love, and to escape the stresses of the real world. I went back and forth on what I should talk about for this, and then I remembered this old idea. It was one I always wanted to do but never got around to it. So since it was an old idea I always wanted to do and the anniversary lines up, here we go.

October 3, 2019

Ten Favorite Movie Closing Songs

It’s well known that a lot of movies these days will have post credit scenes as a way to keep the audience watching. But sometimes you don’t need more scenes or bloopers, all you need is a kick ass song which people want to stick around and here. Mist of the tine when the credits roll and the lights come up, we walk out and that’s it. But when the marriage between a song and a movie is perfect, so that you can’t imagine one without the other, you have to stay until the song is over for the experience to be complete. Even if you’re watching the movie at home for the tenth time.

Here are ten examples of what I mean. For this list I didn’t want credits that showed scenes or had dialogue. Just the credits with the black screen (or minimal images) and that fantastic song playing over it. Because sometimes if its the right song that’s all you need!

One of the things that made thus movie amazing was the score. My Heart Goes On was a great song for this movie, and the transition to the full song is just wonderful.

(best video I could find)