September 26, 2018

Random Thoughts-Is It Ok To Still Like “The Cosby Show”?

Yeah I wont lie, I was one of those who did not want to believe the truth about Bill Cosby. Not because I think sexual assault or the like should be ignored or not taken seriously. But because I have been a fan of his for years, since before The Cosby Show (anyone remember Picture Pages?) so it was hard to accept. Not to mention the large number of accusers which is just, amazing. But a conviction is a conviction and while that number of accusers still seems large, you can’t deny the facts.

September 23, 2018

20 Sitcom Homes That Really Exist

So I spent two days talking about the famous interiors of famous sitcom homes. What about the exteriors? Oh yeah, you knew we’d get here eventually! Those establishing shots which give the home or apartment for our favorite sitcoms are very famous. There are even tours that will take you to them (and sadly I have never done one of them!).

September 21, 2018

20 Notable Sitcom Kitchen’s

So yesterday I did living rooms, it was only fair to discuss popular sitcom kitchens next. And as you may imagine, pictures were even harder to find!

September 20, 2018

20 Notable Sitcom Living Room’s

My friends, this one is so long overdue I can’t believe I haven’t done it yet. The reason is, to my surprise, finding pictures for this hasn’t been as easy as you’d expect. Especially when looking for pictures of the set empty of any actors. You’d think there’d be a ton!

September 18, 2018

Random Thoughts-70th Emmy Awards

Almost eight years ago to the day one of my earliest blog's was a short piece on the Emmy's. And really it just sounds like me doing Linkara's Superboy prime voice saying "Everything was better in my day!!". I even make a crack about HBO asking how many people really watch stuff on there. Uh, quite a few! Game of Thrones anyone? The simple fact is that times change and while I love nostalgia (duh) that doesn't mean I can't accept that things are different. With HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and whatever else it's just a different world today.

So I watched the 70th Emmy's last night and was disappointed. There was hardly any real "celebrating". Maybe anniversaries were a bigger deal in my day (there I go again) but I would have liked more of a celebration of what has come before. All we got was Betty White (which was awesome) and a short montage which lasted about three minutes. No clips or callbacks? What did we get instead? All sorts of diversity stuff which I am soooo sick of. Can we stop being upset that there "weren't enough" of a certain race or gender nominated for something? It's one thing to say they should have opportunities. Of course they should! Everyone no matter their race, gender, or sexual preference should have the same opportunities as everyone else. No brainer. But The Emmy's, and all awards shows, are meant to reflect the best in something. If actor Bill Smith is the better actor he should win! If he's a white guy, hey that's how it goes. I get so tired of this idea that if it's anyone but a white person it's "racist" or "offensive". How?  The topic went on forever, with the opening number (which just plain sucked) and then the monologue. The one sketch we got was more on black people not getting their just deserves. Ok it was nice to see those old TV stars again, that was literally it for that in the show, but by then it was like WE GOT IT!

September 16, 2018

Five Replacement TV Themes That Sucked

Continuing my unintentional theme this months on TV theme’s! I talked before about how a show will begin with an awful theme, and then replace it with one which is not only better but far better. So better you forget that awful one ever happened. Well, it can go the other way too. Sometimes for a show’s final season the creators will change up the familiar and popular theme, with one that isn’t. And I don’t mean changing the images or altering the length of the song. I mean re-recording a new version of the opening song, or a totally new song altogether, and it’s just awful.

September 14, 2018

Top 10 Miller/Boyett TV Show Openings

Awhile back I talked about the Miller/Boyett production company. Helmed by Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett they produced a ton of memorable shows in the 80’s and 90’s. There’s actually a lot to this story, including when it was Miller-Milkis, but I wont bore you with a history lesson. Suffice to say they produced shows we still love and remember today. And all of these shows had clever, memorable theme songs.

September 10, 2018

Ten Favorite Fictional Towns & Cities

Last year I did a list of my favorite fantasy world’s. You know, made up lands where our favorite fantasy characters exist. From OZ to Pandora, and by the way I realize I messed up when I said Hogwart’s didn’t count. Even though it is in Scotland you need to run into a wall onto a magic train to get there, and be a wizard, so my bad.

September 6, 2018

Ten Awful Season 1 TV Themes That Were Replaced

I talked about Tom Hanks the other day, and I neglected to mention that the theme I posted to his TV show “Bosom Buddies” changed from the Billy Joel tune to another due to rights issues. It’s not uncommon on TV shows to dump a theme song between seasons. As I’ve noted Sometimes it will take a TV show time to find it’s voice, so to speak. It can go through changes in cast and even premise before finally hitting that magic formula. And at times, this can even include the theme song!

September 3, 2018

Five Lamest Toys I Grew Up With

In the 80’s I loved action figures. Especially, like most kids in that time, the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe lines. Of course there were others too from Super Powers (DC heroes) to Secret Wars (Marvel) to Transformers, G.I.Joe, Thundercats and plenty more. But while these toys were awesome, they weren’t all great. For instance I guess we did have Air Raiders, but I hardly remember them. When I look at the pictures and videos I see why, the vehicles are awesome but the action figures are just pathetic. Unless it’s something really special, like the die-cast Star Wars X-Wing or the unique M.A.S.K. toys, than it’s not gonna work if your action figures are boring because they’re smaller than G.I.Joe’s and have no character at all.