June 29, 2019

A Look at “Rapid Aging Syndrome” in Sitcoms

One thing that soap opera’s own is that habit of taking a baby or young child and rapidly aging them, sometimes over an episode! I guess it is easier to deal with a child who can read and understand how to act rather than trying to work with babies (and the strict limitations around them). Soap Opera Digest is the first to give the the name Rapid Aging Syndrome, as it’s also known on Tv Tropes. But the truth is this isn’t limited to soap opera’s. Sitcoms also do this, with mixed results.

So let’s run down ten examples of a baby cast member being aged over a season, and see if the decision was for the best… or the worst. Of course, all opinion here.

Family Ties

This is one I remember because it was the first time I had ever heard of this happening on any show. When Brian Bonsall first appeared as Andy, I was very confused. Did the toddler really age that fast? Or did the whole series jump five years between seasons? But I guess I was just overthinking it. And while Bonsall was not the greatest actor, the character did add something to the show which helped it as the series went into its final years. He never took over as others did.

June 26, 2019

Memorable TV Line-Up's:ABC Friday Night (Fall 1971)

Was our trip back to 1973 not back far enough? Well why don't we take a look at one of the grooviest TV line ups ever, from ABC in 1971.

Several years ago Nick@Nite did a stunt which I wish they had dome more of. They recreated a popular line-up, and aired the shows as they would have back in the day. Even included some retromercials. My wife and I had a lot of fun revisiting this line up from before we were born. So what was on ABC Friday's in 1971? Glad you asked!

The Brady Bunch

Considering all  the articles I've done about this show there really isn't much point in me saying much about it. I grew up watching the re-run's and still love to turn it on to this day.

June 23, 2019

Top 10 Obnoxious Sitcom Neighbors

So last time I went over nice neighbors. Let's do the opposite of that. These are the neighbors that barge over, interrupt everything, and always overstay their welcome. And we just love them for it!!

#10.The Ochmonek's (Alf)

Trevor and Raquel were typical sitcom neighbors except for one thing. Sure they would barge over and make nuisances of themselves. But they never got suspicious that anything off was happening next door. When they came over Alf had to hide and that was about it. Except that one time Raquel almost saw Alf anyway. They were just, obnoxious, and therefore not very memorable.

June 22, 2019

Top 10 Nicest Sitcom Neighbors

I’m really amazed I haven’t done this yet. Neighbors always play a special role in sitcoms, they are often the one’s who the main characters will go to for advice. And very often these characters are so memorable they get show’s of there own!  Sitcom neighbors fit into two very clear categories. They are either nice, even part of the family. Or they are obnoxious, annoying and rude..and yet still become part of the family. Sitcoms are weird.

So today I am counting down the top 10 nicest neighbors, we’ll do the annoying one’s next time. One rule, these neighbors have to be seen not just mentioned. And no I won’t put Friends on here, that just seems like cheating. As always, just opinion and for fun.

June 18, 2019

Five Batman Characters I Never Liked

So I talked about how the “Superman Family” was pretty large, but to be honest that’s nothing compared to the “Batman family”. It’s funny to think that there was a period when DC wanted Batman to be a loner, which is why Batgirl was retired. That really changed over the years as so many Bat characters have been introduced, including like three Robin’s. I don’t even know half of them! So are there any characters that I don’t care for like with Superman? Believe it or not this was a harder list to put together because the Batman characters tend to be a lot better. But I found a few anyway.


Here are five Batman characters I never liked. And like last time , all opinion.


Some things work that work for Superman just wont work fro Batman. In an attempt to give Batman a “Mr Mxyzptlk” type, we had this annoying imp in the solver age. Who was stupid. I don’t what he did or what his powers were and I don’t care enough to look it up. And yet, he’s made a comeback? Well sort of, usually he appears in the form of bizarre hallucinations. God the Silver Age was lame.

June 16, 2019

Five Superman Characters I Never Liked

Superman has been around a very long time, and in that time has developed a pretty strong cast of supporting characters. From Captain Maggie Sawyer to the Citizens of Kandor, there are a lot of characters out there. Some of them are as famous, or more famous, than Superman himself. But others ,well, just never really clicked. For me anyway. Not every characters is going to work for examples Chloe Sullivan is a complete bore in the comic books. Yeah on Smallville she was great but in the comics, there is just no place for her.

June 13, 2019

Five “Futuristic” Tech From TNG We Need Today

The other day I talked about tech on The Next Generation that has actually seen the light of day today. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things on the show which are still a little beyond our science. So here are five pieces of tech from TNG which I’d love to see in real life.


There was just something about the phasers on TNG that made them so much cooler tahn their classc TOS versions. I guess it was all the uses it had. Oh sure it could still stun and kill but the settings were varied and you could do with a hand phaser what you needed a full phaser rifle to do in the old days.

June 9, 2019

Five “Futuristic” Tech From TNG We Use Today!

About a year ago I talked about how silly some of the “tech” on the old Star Trek series seems today. But the funny things is how accurate the show was about predicting other technology.

June 5, 2019

Ten Star Wars Plot Holes/Inconsistencies Explained

I tried something like this last year with Back to the Future, so I thought I’d give this franchise a try. Of course, this is a much larger franchise. And as you can imagine, there are more plot holes in these movies. Especially since the pre-quels contradict so much of what was established in the classic movies. Which I never understood, it’s not as if they had all new writers who never heard of Star Wars. Couldn’t Lucas have had things tied together better? To make matters worst Lucas loves to tinker with the existing movies, usually just to add effects but once in awhile he will make a change which creates a new plot hole that was never there before!!

June 2, 2019

Memorable TV Line-Up’s:The Fall of Must See TV