October 20, 2022

Five Real Baseball Teams Fictionalized in Movies

Baseball movies are a dime a dozen, there are plenty of them out there whether they be fantasies about a person achieving some dream or adaptations of real-life events. One oddity is when a movie focuses on a team that really exists, and basically portrays a fictional version of that team as if the events had really happened. I guess it makes sense, giving us a real team makes it easier to get into the film. Especially when the team is known for being horrible. It saves a lot of setting up because the team exists, we don't need all that exposition. They use actual locations, stadiums, and uniforms which is always cool to see. 

For whatever reason these seem to be either kids films or romance films. But here are five examples of what I mean:

Detroit tigers-For Love of the Game

Released in 1999 this movie is seriously underrated. Kevin Costner plays an aged Detroit Tiger pitcher trying to get a perfect game against the hated New York Yankees. This really is framing device about the lost love of his life. Not a bad movie though some of the cliche's are a little hard to take. And yes the team wins and he gets his perfect game. As for the real Detroit team...well they keep trying,