June 28, 2020

Five Star Trek TV/Movie Scores I Hate

A few weeks ago I discussed how amazing the music of Star Trek really is. But that doesn’t mean it’s all perfect of course. Just like anything else, there are some scores which are pretty awful to listen to. I did some digging and found a few scores from Star Trek which I don’t care for. Of course, as always, this is just my opinion.

TOS-Romantic Cues

I praised the action and suspense music on the Star Trek. But man was the “romantic” music stupid. It always sounded like it belonged on another show. Or was just plain annoying. Some even sounded insulting to women. That takes effort! And yes before you hate me, City on the Edge of Forever is an exception. The music there worked for sure. Not so much with others like This Side of Paradise and that endless drone that’s supposed to be romantic music. Ugh.

June 23, 2020

Star Trek Wardrobe & Make-Up Changes

When you watch hours and hours…and hours…of Trek there some things you can’t help but smile at. All of these shows (heck the movies too) had wardrobe and/or make-up changes from their initial pilot through the series. It’s of course normal for there to be a process before the show is on. Check out these early make up tests for Data:

But once in awhile after the show has aired as the characters evolve, so do their designs and wardrobe. Especially when creators realize something they were doing was stupid. From the horrid uniforms from the first movie that NO ONE liked to the inexplicable way DS9 changed uniform’s after “First Contact” came out to the way Kes had to cover her ears because the fake one’s hurt so much on Voyager, it’s fun to look back and at the early missteps and compare them to the designs we’ve grown to love.



Here are ten wardrobe or make up changes which seem odd in hindsight, but at the time was just the creators seeing what would stick and what wouldn’t. These are never explained in universe, they just happen.





TOS-Uhura Gold or Red??

It’s pretty clear in the early days of TOS that the creators didn’t have certain details down. Like who wore what colors. In the second pilot, Scotty is seen wearing some gold thing while Sulu is wearing blue. He was also not a helmsman in the episode and to be fair none of the uniforms in that episode are seen again. But the big one is Uhura wearing gold for one or two early episodes. Thankfully creators realized that not only did red make more sense, but she looked a lot better in it.


June 21, 2020

Ten Good & Bad DC Comics Father’s

Father’s Day is today and I thought it would be fun to run through some father’s from comic books. Some are superheroes, and others are fathers of heroes. And others are not nice at all! Father figures are very important to our characters. Let’s focus on DC, as usual. Here are ten comic book fathers some really good and others not so much!

There have been a million revisions to this character, but usually in the changes involve how Krypton will explode and what they can do about it. The one constant is the fact that he loves his son so much, he puts him in a rocket and shoots him to another planet so he can survive.

Pa Kent
I said before that I prefer it when Ma and Pa were alive in the Superman books. Because Pa Kent was great for grounding Clark and reminding him who he was and what he stood for. Still, even in the era when he dies when Clark was young (silver age and the New 52 era) the fact that someone he loved died and there was NOTHING he could do would serve to be a cold reminder to Clark that there are just somethings a Superman can’t do no matter how much he wants to help. Either way, Pa Kent is very important to the Superman character.