January 5, 2020

Where do I go from here?

Happy new year everyone! Often at this time I announce what my plan is for the coming year. And, I have no idea. I feel like after 1020+ blogs I just don’t know what else to talk about. I mean I guess I can find something new to review. I have started watching the first seasons of Cheers for instance, I figure since last year I caught up on the Rebecca shows it was only fair to dive into the Diane episodes. Man were those first few shows slower!  Oh and I saw the latest Star Wars, thankfully I am not a full fledged fan. Anyway, I really am not sure what else I can discuss that will keep me wanting to write and you folks wanting to read. I’m certainly open to ideas that may get me interested. For instance, last year I came across a YouTube video discussing what specific TV line up’s looked like in certain era’s. I borrowed that idea, as you may remember, last year. So I hate to say goodbye but at the same time I just don’t know what else to say. It’s one reason why my last blog was three weeks ago. But I wanted to share this so that if it seems like I haven’t been around in awhile, you’ll know why.

Happy 2020 everyone!