November 29, 2018

Top 5 Greatest Sitcom Casts EVER

So here is something I have always wanted to do. For a sitcom to be successful it helps if you have a strong cast. Of course most successful shows do (and I’ve talked about the shows that didn’t but fixed it later). What do I mean by a strong cast? Actors that not only elevated the material of the show they were in, . But even more than that,  a cast where EVERYONE elevated the material. Some shows will have a main character or two and the rest of the characters are just there, to be there. They contribute nothing except getting in some jokes. A good example is Murphy Brown, there were plenty of episode where the other characters either had one line and then vanished or didn't appear at all! The best casts get contributions from every member, every episode. Not just when the plot needs it. And it also helps if the actors went on to be successful long after the show ended

November 26, 2018

My 10 Favorite Christmas Movie Moments

A long while back I talked about Christmas movie moments that were a tad..out there. But one thing I never discussed were my favorite Christmas movie moments of all time. Not the whole movie, just a scene. It’s a scene I have to see when watching the film always brings a smile to my face no matter how much I watch it

November 24, 2018

Five Villains Made Up for the Batman TV Series

So before we turn to the holidays I wanted to continue my discussion of characters made up for franchises by TV or other media. In this case, it’s the colorful characters for the Batman TV series.

November 20, 2018

Five Thanksgiving Episodes I DO NOT Like

November 17, 2018

Top 10 Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Normally for Thanksgiving I like to go over sitcom Thanksgiving episodes. Except for the two years I did nothing that is. In the past I've either reviewed one episode for a series, or an overview of an entire series worth of episodes. But so far I haven't talked about one sitcom that was almost synonymous with Thanksgiving. Which show?

Yep, Friends did a memorable and clever Thanksgiving episode ever year. Well, nearly every year. And I decided it was finally time to decide which was the best, and the worst. From the looks of it I am not the first to do this. By any means. Oh well, every list is different so there's that. Here's my list anyway. Here are my top 10 Friends Thanksgiving episodes, from worst to best.

#10."The One With the List" (Season 2)

When I said they did great Thanksgiving episodes every year, meet the exception. Season two gave us no real Thanksgiving episode unless you count the B story here which I really don't. But I needed 10 episodes, so....

November 13, 2018

My Tribute-Five Stan Lee Cameo’s Outside the MCU

As you all probably know I am a DC Comics guy. But in spite of that, I still knew who Stan Lee was and respected him for what he accomplished in creating The Marvel Universe. Almost every character that fans love today Lee either created or at least had a hand in. From Spider-Man to The Fantastic Four! He was a legend and will be missed, having passed away today at the age of 95.

November 10, 2018

Five Characters Made Up for Non-Canon Star Trek

I talked about how Superfriends decided to add a little diversity to its roster by inventing a few Superheroes who were not original DC characters. This really isn’t unusual, all of the DC and Marvel TV shows or movies have invented all new characters. Some caught on and became regular characters in the main comic.

November 9, 2018

Five Superheroes Created Just For “Superfriends”

I’ve talked before about Superfriends. And how I loved it as a kid. And think it’s kind of silly today. But one of the ore interesting things that this show did was with the characters. Despite having a wide array of DC characters to pick from, the show introduced their own new creations to fight alongside the recognizable heroes. They weren’t given any origins or anything, they were just there. And for the most part only appeared in the cartoon!

November 5, 2018

A Look at Mickey Mouse Merchandise and Commercials

November 2, 2018

Ten TV Theme's with Secret Lyrics

So last time I talked about theme songs I mentioned how some theme's are extended into full length songs. But an even cooler thing some may not know is that a lot of iconic instrumental theme's do in fact have lyrics. Some were created for the show but never used, others added after the fact for whatever reason.

Here are ten theme's with the lyrics which you may have never heard before:

I Love Lucy

This one isn't really a surprise the instrumental version practically screams the words. Truth is though, as is the case with most of these, it's a lot better without the words.