April 30, 2013

Special TV-Mickey's 60th Birthday (1988)

Many years ago I went to a Disney on Ice show. I ended up having a great time because rather than just have the characters skate for 90 minutes, they gave this show a plot! There was an actual story, as the Wicked Witch from Snow White cast a spell and kidnaps Minnie, Daisy, and some human girl. Of course Mickey, Donald, and a human guy have to charge to the rescue. They have a sword fight to rescue the girls, and it was just so cool to see a story rather than just a boring ice show.

Why am I telling you this? Because that is what I am reminded of when I watch the TV special I want to talk about today which premiered in 1988. Mickey's 60th Birthday!

This reminds me of the ice shoe because rather than just get a glorifed clip show we get a special which has a story! Is it a good story? Well, that's another discussion entirely. This is one of those programs where What seemed really cool as a kid seems down right peculiar today when looked at with adult eyes. In fact, the more I watch it the more I realize that they really missed the target with this. Let's take a closer look.

April 29, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 9, Part 1)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 9, Part 1

Season 9, Episode 1
The One Where No One Proposes
Plot Summary-Joey, Ross, and Rachel try to sort out who proposed to whom, Monica and Chandler are caught having sex by Monica’s father

Funniest Line-“Oh, I still can't believe my dad saw us having sex! He didn't make it toone of piano recitals, but this he sees!”….Monica

Nitpick of the episode-I guess I should point out that the whole scenario here is forced, why would Rachel ever say yes to Joey like that? It takes her about a second to change her mind.

Standout Character-Rachel, she deals with a real emotional roller coaster here

Syndication Edit-Scene Extensions

Final Thoughts-This is a very difficult episode to talk about because so much happens in such a short amount of time. Rather than quickly resolve the cliffhanger,the episode keeps making it more and more complicated by having people think different things and then unintentionally mislead each other. By the end it’s all sortedout, and we end on a stunned Ross who realizes that Rachel actually said yes to Joey. The Chandler/Monica stuff is ok and Phoebe is here to mix things up.


April 27, 2013

Top 5 Strangest Moments from Superfriends

Superfriends featured Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman working out of the Hall of Justice with teenage Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna. It was a great show,....when I was a kid.

It has aged I admit it, I even find it sily when I watch it today. It's almost as if the cartoon show was stuck in the silver age. There seemed to always be something bizarre happening to the heroes. Odd space warps, peculiar aliens, random time travel. They would be transformed in to all kinds of things from monsters to gold statues, be shrunk down, mind controlled, or somehow turned evil. Once Superman was turned into a photograph, WTF?

This is a result of the era these shows were produced, since there could be no violence they had to resort to silly stories. Shows like He-Man  and G.I.Joe would eventually start the end of that trend thank goodness. And of course the new JLA shows were ten times better, But we can still look back at the classic and enjoy. So here are the five strangest moments in Superfriends. And yeah, I stole this idea from Phelous.  :)

April 25, 2013

Special TV-The Earth Day Special (1990)

Starting what I hope will be a new series talking about the great (and not so great) specials from the 80's and 90's. We just don't get these anymore, not counting that awful Betty White's 2nd Annual 90th Birthday Special. I adore Betty White but That was seven kinds of stupid.

Today I want to talk about a special which has become almost infamous. It aired on Earth Day in 1990 and was simply claled "The Earth Day Special". I loved this as a kid because of the all star cast. As an adult I find it more and more...silly.

My brother and I videotaped this and I still have it to this day. I have seen it several time and it gets weirder every time. I will say one thing, it sure does have an all star cast. I'd be here all day if I listed everyone who appears in it. Basically the special is a series of cutaways and cameos. They do try to hammer in a narrative, but it gets so lost toward the end you forget it.

April 24, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 8, Part 4)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 8. Part 4

Season 8, Episode 19
The One with Joey’s Interview
Plot Summary-Joey has an interview for Soap Opera Digest (yes, that’s it!)

Funniest Line-“It hurts me. It physically hurts me.”…..Chandler

Nitpick of the episode-If the reporter knew Joey was fired from Days and had been interviewed before for her magazine, shouldn’t she be able to figure out why he got fired? Or am I thinking to much?

Standout Character-Joey, I guess

Syndication Edit-clip show

Final Thoughts-Groan! Another clip show! And this is the worst yet! I mean, another Joey centered clip show? They did that already! Why not make Phoebe or Ross the focus or something?  Yeah there are a fewfunny lines from Chandler but this episode is just a bore. We know how much Joey cares for his friends! I don’t mind clip shows in sitcoms until they get overdone. Unfortunately  Friends joins a long line of shows like The Golden Girls and Family Ties who over did the clip show format to death! Oh but good news, we have two more coming!!!


April 22, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 8, Part 3)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 8, Part 3

Season 8, Episode 13
The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
Plot Summary-Chandler discovers the joy of bathing; Ross and Rachel argue of potential baby names, Joey tries to dismiss his feelings for Rachel

Funniest Line-“Oh, I'm sorry, are we having an 89 year old?”….Rachel

Nitpick of the episode-So many argue that while Chandler states he hates baths, he was taking a bath with Monica back in season 5. Well, give one to the creators they do clear this up when Chandler explains clearly that it wasn’t the bath he enjoyed but the wet naked lady.

Standout Character-Joey, the reason why the “Joey loves Rachel” stuff works is all in how the character deals with it. He doesn’t embrace it at all; he knows it’swrong but decides it’s out of his control. Handled very nicely.

Syndication Edit-Scene Extensions

FinalThoughts-After teasing last time I will talk about the Joey/Rachel stuff. It works in the beginning because of how it’s handled. I can buy that Joey suddenly has these feelings. What screws it up is how they stretch it out later, but we will talk more about that as we go. It’s the strong acting by LeBlanc that sells the scenario. The baby name stuff with Ross and Rachel is realty good here. Lots of laughs. What isn’t good is that stupid Chandler story. Yeah, watching him sit in a bath really makes me laugh. To be fair that last scene in the bathroom with the gang where Ross and Rachel announce the baby’s sex was really good and the opening talk Joey has with Chandler. Phoebe is basically just here to pad the episode out.


April 21, 2013

Five Ways Disney Ruined Their Own Trailers in the 80's and 90's

I have not seen any Disney trailers in a while (is it me, or do they not advertise movies on TV like they used to?). But in the 90's I did, and the trailers were always so annoying. It was almost like Disney was so sure about its product they felt they could throw together any trailer and it wouldn't matter. 

Just so you know this is all in good fun. Anyway, here are five things Disney did to ruin their own movie trailers.


This happened with the animated films a lot! Now I mean no disrespect to the guy who did these voiceovers, he was great, but my lord shut up!  First he had to remind of us of the earlier fimes. Then He had to tell us who the characters were and set up the basic plot. How about letting the scenes from the movie speak for themselves without a plot synopsis? And finally he always had to point out how the heroes were onto an exciting adventure the whole family would love! It's like they were trying to convince us that yes, there will be a story! A good trailer should be able to give an idea who the characters are and what the story is about without it being spoon fed to us. And just once I would have loved the guy to say "A terrible movie your whole family is sure to hate!"

April 19, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Baseball Movies

I talked a few weeks ago about how much I love Baseball, specifically the Red Sox. Well it stands to reason that if I love Baseball, I would like Baseball movies. So today I wanted to share my personal favorite Baseball movies.

Before I start to list I wanted to mention what had to be my favorite Baseball scene ever-from the movie The Naked Gun! Frank Drebin infiltrates a Baseball game looking for a potential assassin, and let’s just say that it’s really funny! Yeah the Acaedmy Award spoof in the third Naked Gun was better,but still. I dare you to watch the scene where he mangles the national anthem and not laugh!

Ok, here are my favorite Baseball movies.

#5.Major League
I go back and forth on this movie all the time. Sure, the Baseball stuff is fun but why did they have to ruin the movie with that awful love story? I like Rene Russo, but that subplot just seem really unneeded, as if they wanted to pad the running time. Still the Baseball stuff is really good and the film does have some laughs in it. Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Cornin Bernsen all make a solid cast. Even Bob Uecker is fun as the announcer. Sure the jokes a re bit off color but the character stuff works well. It's Just a fun movie, if you can get past that annoying romantic nonsense. What about the sequels? Yeah….let’s just move on  J

April 17, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 8, Part 2)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 8, Part 2

Season 8, Episode 7
The One with the Stain
Plot Summary-Chandler hires a main which upsets Monica, Phoebe hooks up with Eric, Rachel decides to move out of Joey’s place

Funniest Line-“ Yeah. I can't live with Joey once the baby comes. I don't want my child's first words to be, "How you doin'?"…..Rachel

Nitpick of the episode- Chandler hires a maid. Let me repeat that. Chandler, who is married to an anal retentive clean freak who is always cleaning and needs everything to be just so, hires a freaking maid!!!  Who thought this up?????

Standout Character-Joey, you can tell he honestly enjoys living with Rachel
Syndication Edit-The maid wondering why Monica put her head between her legs (no, I’m not kidding)

Final Thoughts-I really don’t know what they were going for with the maid story. I already pointed out how dumb that is, and then they take it a step further by making Monica paranoid about the girl. I like when Chandler asks if it’s possible the company that made the jeans the maid is wearing could have possibly made more than the one pair. The only good part of that is the end when Rachel clears everything up. I liked the Joey/Rachel story, you wouldfigure that Joey would not want to live with a baby but he loves living with Rachel so much he’s willing to take it on…nice. Pointless as we will see later, but nice. And Ross waiting out the death of a tenant so he can lay claim to her apartment is awful. Finally, we have Phoebe who quickly breaks up with Eric.Really why did she try seconds after he just broke up with Ursula? Lots of stupid here.


April 16, 2013

Random Thoughts-Boston Marathon Bombing

I wanted to take a break from my usual light fare today and discuss the horrible events which took place in Boston yesterday.

As you may or may not know, I live in the Boston area. I am only twenty miles away, and visit the city a few times a year. I love my little city and to see what happened yesterday really hits close to home. It strikes even closer when I came close to being in the city yesterday. I had made an apointment with a temp agency to talk to them, but it was cancelled and rescheduled. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering no I did not know anyone who was in or around there yesterday.

I am submitting this late Monday night so I apologize if the information is incorrect or has changed, but as I write there are over 100 injured including two or three children and three dead (one was an 8 year old). To say that this is unacceptable is an understatement. The Boston Marathon is a cherished city tradition and while I may not be huge fan of it, I respect it and its importance to the city. This act is just a horrible, inexcusable offense which was the result of a coward. Yeah that's right, because only a coward will willingly injure innocent people who didn't do a damn thing to them. I don't know what the motive is, but it really doesn't matter either. What in the world is the point of doing something like this? The idea that somewhere there is a person or persons congratulating themselves on a job well done sickens me. Yeah, good job! Just to push your political or religious agenda three people lost their lives while many other suffered injuries (some of those life altering including losing limbs). Way to go!    I feel so bad for the runners and the spectators, just out to have a nice day and then this happens.

I just don't get it, and at my advanced age I have seen it all to many times. The Unabomber attacks. 1988 Pan Am flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York City. The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing (which involved children at the Federal building). The 1996 Olympic Park Bombing in Atlanta (111 people injured). The 1998 embassy bombings. The 2000 attack of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen. 9/11. The London bombings in 2005. And now the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. And that doesn't cover the threats or potential bombs which were discovered in time (and we're not even getting into shootings!).  And of course you can go further back in history, in 1963 there was a bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.

How many times do we have to go through this? I understand that people have differences in the world, there is nothing wrong with that. But what makes one person or group decide that their way is so right that their only choice is to kill people to advance their own agenda I will never get. It could also have just been a nutjob who didn't like the fact that the marathon was being run on a Monday or something, you never know. Still why anyone would think causing so much tragedy is the way is just lost on me.I think of all the families affected, and it really breaks my heart.

One of the things I love in Star Trek is the notion that one day we will get past this kind of violence. I guess we can only hope that there will come a time when this kind of thing is just pages in a history book. The ironic thing is that this happened on a fantastic day for the city. The marathon is alwayts a big deal, the Red Sox won, and everything felt good. Until reality stepped in. For now all we can do is take solace that there wasn't more injury or damage, it could have been lots worst. And there are some great stories here of people helping and caring for those who were injured. The first responders were just amazing in how fast they go there, the responses from the governor, mayor, and president were inspiring (this is one of those times when you forget you don't like the president and you respect him), and I am sure many more stories of courage will emerge in the next few days.

Of course there is a lot of greiving coming too. But we are a proud city, and a strong country, and you know we will rise up and be even stronger after this. Knock us down, and we just get right back up! I just hope that the culprits are captured and severely punished. Until they are, let's remember the victims. My heart is broken for my city and the victims of this horrible act.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
― Fred Rogers

April 15, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 8, Part 1)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 8, Part 1

Season 8, Episode 1
The One After “I Do”
Plot Summary-At Monica and Chandler’s wedding reception, Chandler tries to dance,Joey tries to audition for a guest, Rachel reveals she is in fact pregnant

Funniest Line-“Oh honey, you could never embarrass me. Okay, you could easily embarrass me.”….Monica

Nitpick of the episode-Monica takes the whole Rachel is pregnant news at her wedding really well considering how upset she was that Rachel stole her thunder on her engagement night. It could be that she is mature enough to not let that ruin her big day, or it could just be lazy writing.

Standout Character-Rachel, I promise I will try not to make her the stand out in every episode but this was her season. And the scene in the bathroom with her and Phoebe and Monica is one ofthe best of the series!

Syndication Edit-The original tag and the opening was longer and included a scene with Monica’s parents thinking she is pregnant. Another extra scene where Chandler slips and falls on the dance-floor, grabbing his mother-in-law's skirt, ripping it. Also you may wonder why Ben was not at his aunt’s wedding. Actually, he was but his lines were deleted from the broadcast version.

Final Thoughts-What a great episode this is! The way that Rachel’s pregnancy is handled is really good. You gotta love how the episode doesn’t reveal anything about who and when, that will come later. I was kind of surprised the whole episode was just the wedding reception. Chandler trying to dance was funny, Joey trying to impress the director is funny, and of course the main focus is Rachel. That scene with the three of them in the bathroom is just a great scene. I love the way Phoebe lies to make Rachel see how much she really wants it, and Rachel’s lines are just well done. Even the silly Ross story, having tod ance with all the kids, doesn’t come off all that badly. Just a very strong episode.

Grade=A-,so great to have the funny back

April 14, 2013

Nitpicking the Nitpickers!

I love how the internet gives people a voice. You have every right to your opinion and I will always support that. But at the same time very often people will say things, for example critquing a show or movie, they insist are clever when really they are blowing smoke. There is a difference between expressing and opinion and spouting incorrect information in an attempt to shopw off. Here are five example of what I mean that I have seen all over the internet .


Sometimes people really get carried away. I was looking at one site talking about the mistakes on Friends (and yes there are plenty) but among the mistakes they would comment on how a character would reference an actor or actress who would later appear on the show. Um, how is this a mistake? Talk about active imaginations, for instance Susan Sarandon got a mention in one episode and many shows later appeared as a character. CAN'T WE JUST SAY THE CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE SUSAN SARADON? Geez people, it's a sitcom! Another one noted why Chandler and Joey didn't recognize Bruce Willis when he appeared on the show since the two are huge Die Hard fans...people, please!


I have seen this a few times. There is a scene in Star Wars A New Hope where Obi Wan gives Luke the lightsaber that once belonged to his father. Before he does C3PO powers down. When Luke activates the lightsaber, there is a jump cut which many people believe shows C3PO reacting to the lightsaber. Supposedly you can see his head move. Sorry guys that was just a jump cut, there is no way the actor could see the actual lightsaber turn on since it had been undoubteldy added later, so why would he react to it?


I see so many people posting this as if it were a film flub. That the scarecrow has no brain and yet he comes up with the ideas. THAT'S THE POINT!  It's not a mistake it's brilliant writing! In the movie we also see the Lion find the courage to enter the castle and rescue Dorothy and the Tin Man clearly worried about her.


This is kind of a personal one because I tried to correcrt the person and never got a reply. There is an episode where Tim Taylor says "Tim, Al, and Heidi" and someone thought they had heard Tim say his real name, Tim Allen. Yeah if you say that fast it can sound that way...but it's not a mistake!


If any of you guys have Facebook I am sure you have seen this. Someone takes an image of Marty McFly, and  the caption reads TODAY IS THE DAY HE CAME BACK FROM THE FUTURE. Then the date is photoshopped on the console from the movie. This pisses me off because it's wrong!! I realize not everyone has seen the movie as muuch as I have, but if you've seen it once you should show know that they went 30 years after 1985. That would be 2015! October 21st, to be precise. It just annoys me when people post this and think it's so cool, it's not correct! I have seen these pop up many times and will be so happy when the date does get here so these photoshopped things can finall disappear.

As annoying as these are I do love that people can comment and express their opinion, and I hope that never stops!

April 12, 2013

Top 5 PSA's From When I WasGrowing Up

Ah, PSA’s! I talked a bit about this awhile back but decided to elaborate a bit today. There was something special about the PSA’s we had when I was growing up. They were corny, sure, but they were entertaining and memorable. I am not sure what they have today, but I feel safe in saying they just don’t make them like this anymore.

There are lots I could mention from Woodsy Owl (Give a hoot,don’t pollute!), to McGruff the crime dog (ah, take a bite out of crime), Smokey Bear (only you can prevent forest fires!) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The crash test dummies, and even a crying indian!  Good times. I won’t get into the drug PSA’s(like the one with R2D2 smoking!!) because Nostalgia Critic covered those very well many moons ago. Instead I wanted to talk about the PSA’s which aired onSaturday mornings in between cartoons. Remember when getting up on Saturday morning was a big deal? I loved to get up and watch the awesome cartoons. Part of the fun were the cool PSA’s that we got. Here are my five favorites.

#5.He-Man PSA's

It was a rule that said every kids show had to have a moral lesson, so pretty much every show in the 80's threw PSA's onto the end of their episodes. He-Man was no exception, but everyone did this even Sailor Moon!

#4.Time for Timer

I am betting this is the one many people have never heard of. Though Family Guy did do a parody of it. This one is hard to explain but let’s give it a shot. Timer was a cartoon character who looked like a matzo ball. He basically promoted stuff like healthy eating habits and personal hygiene.I remember one where was inside the human body talking about how food is processed for energy. One was set in a western setting and he sung about cheese as a good snack (this was a long time ago!). Another he sung about a healthy snack called sunshine on a stick. It’s orange juice frozen inan ice cube tray. You put sticks in the juice, and voila you got homemade orange Popsicle! And yes, I tried this.

#3.Knowing is Half the Battle! from G.I. Joe

As I noted back in the 80’s all cartoons had to have something educational in them. He-Man's were goofy for the most part. G.I.Joe however, now these were cool! Maybe it was because G.I.Joe is set in the real world so they could cover real dangers, or maybe it was because they didn’t force the moral to be tied to the story, but I still remember a few of these to this day. The format was simple, a couple kids would get into a situation and a member of G.I.Joe would pop up and give some sound advice. I loved G.I. Joe and the PSA’s were a great end of each episode. These are so popular that they still get made fun of. Is it lame that hearing the tag line on these still makes me smile? Now you Know!

#2. Schoolhouse Rock

Why oh why can’t they have stuff like this on today? Is there anyone who has never heard of this, unlikely since these ran well into the 90’s? Conjunction Junction, I am just a Bill, The Great American Melting Pot, Electricity!….I love these! Basically these were shorts about English, Math,and various other subjects with very creative songs that you can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try! My favorite is the adjective song, the cartoon has a girl camping and she sings about how she was “Unpacking her Adjectives”.  Ok the animation was never much but the songs were cool and the educational stuff was top notch. It’s not always easy to make educational content memorable and enjoyable, but this show does it very well! Unlike the rest of these all of these have all been collected on DVD.

#1 One To Grow On

I loved these!! Can I state that emphatically enough? It just wasn’t Saturday morning without these awesome PSA’s. Basically the concept was we would see a situation involving kids, for example complaining about having homework, and suddenly the scene would zoom out to a celebrity explaining whatever the moral was. After the celebrity explained the mistake the kid was making the scene would zoom back in and we'd get the proper resolution to the problem. Not only were these fun and educational,they were a who's who of who was on NBC at that time! Name a star on NBC in the 80's, from Michael J.Fox to Soleil Moon Frye, and they did at least one ofthese. Even Mr.T! Sure not all of them were perfect, they could be corny and not well acted, but man these bring back some great memories. If you never heard ofthem, or just feel like reliving some fun memories, I shared some YouTube links but there are plenty more to check out!  

PSA’s are still around today of course, including CBS Cares and the never dying NBC classic, The More You Know……. which has been around for ages (since 1989!) and was even parodied in an episode of Scrubs. At this point virtually anyone who was party of NBC in the last almost 25 years has done one. The piano tune with the star logo has become as popular as the aforementioned G.I.Joe slogan.

Is it just me, or would anyone else kill for a DVD collection of all of these?

April 10, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 7, Part 4)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 7, Part 4

Season 7, Episode 19
The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin
Plot Summary-Ross is attracted to his cousin (I already lost you, haven’t I?), Joey auditions for a movie role which requires him to naked, Phoebe and Rachel throw Monica a spot bridal shower

Funniest Line-“Say something clever. Okay, doesn't have to be clever. Just has to be words. Say some words. Any words will do. Oh, my God, this is the longest that anyone has not talked ever! There is nothing you could say to make this worse so just say something!”…..Ross

Nitpick of the episode-Nice of Rachel and Phoebe to forget to throw Monica a bridal shower! I could complain Chandler never got a bachelor party, but the serieswill take care of that one next season

Standout Character-Ross, not easy to be funny and creepy at the same time!

Syndication Edit-Scene Extensions

Final Thoughts-It never bodes well when a show has to resort to a stunt to get people’s attention. That’s what Joey’s story is, it’s all setup for that last gag at the audition with the silly putty. It’s funny but when a story is all set up for a joke it leaves the rest kind of empty. The bridal shower story seemed silly, why go the extra step of making Phoebe and Rachel forget all about it? Thankfully by the time Phoebe has her bridal shower the writing would be a little more creative. Ross’s story….what can I say about Ross’s story? The scene where he thinks to himself while his cousin stares at him waiting for an explanation is kind of funny, but on the whole the concept is just creepy. I guess it does help that they established Ross has not been with anyone in awhile. And of course Chandler is once again all but absent.

Grade=B-,funny but lacks substance

April 9, 2013

The Perfect "Superman??"

I love Superman! He is my favorite comic book character, anwhy not? He embodies everything good about people. He has so much power that hecould easily conquer, and what does he do with it instead? He helps people andonly uses his powers and abilities when they are really needed. Of course therehave been many versions of The Man of Steel and his supporting cast on TV andin movies, and they all portray the character differently. But what if youcould take all those versions and make one perfect version of Superman? That’swhat I am going to do today. This is all just for fun, and 100% opinion.
I will be using characters from Lois & Clark,Smallville, and the classic movies. Yes I know there were other versions but I never watched the old classic show and am not including any animated series here. And since I hated Superman Returns, let’s just forget about that one. And finally I am aware Smallville does not get tremendous respect, and while I agree there were flaws the truth is the creators did a great job respecting and staying true to the Superman legend so I am going to include it.

April 8, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 7, Part 3)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 7, Part 3

Season 7, Episode 13
The One Where Rosita Dies
Plot Summary-Phoebe takes a job as a telemarketer, Rachel destroys Joey’s chair, and Monica thinks her parents love Ross more than her

FunniestLine-“Are you kidding? I get a Porsche and the Barcalounger's gone? This is the best day ever!”….Monica

Nitpickof the episode-Amazing; Jason Alexander created a character who is an even bigger loser than his character on Seinfeld! I also don’t buy the “no one in the office knows he exists” gag, it feels forced. And what exactly is stopping the guy from quitting?

Standout Character-Monica, about time her parent issues came out a little bit(although having it be with her mother would have made more sense)

Syndication Edit-This episode was 40 minutes long to compete with Survivor. As a result there are lots of scene missing or trimmed. There's an extra scene at the coffee house where Ross calls his parents, and another one at Joey's place with Rachel and Chandler, where they argue about who gets the La-Z-Boy.

Final Thoughts-What do you do when you are out of ideas? Get a big named guest star and make a story about him! In all fairness it’s not a terrible Phoebe story,but why does the character played by Jason Alexander get the focus?  You know what would be worst, centering a story on Joey’s armchair. Oh wait, they did that! The only redeeming part ofthis episode is the Ross/Monica story; it’s good to see the way Monica feels about her parents finally coming out!

Grade=C+,about as average as you can get

April 5, 2013

My Tribute-Roger Ebert

I realize that with all the tributes from everyone, my special ranting seems minor. But I had some special memories I wanted to share, so here we go. Roger Ebert passed away yesterday at the age of 70. This is very sad news for me. I am not a big fan of any one critic. They all kind of blend together. Roger Ebert was the exception, no matter what if I wanted to know about a movie, I always checked his review. I have been a fan of his since I can remember.

April 4, 2013

Five More Underappreictaed Movies I Love!

Before I begin I want to mention that this is a second article on movies I love that don’t get much attention. The first article was originally called “Five Forgotten Movies I Just Love”, but the word forgotten was poorly used in that instance, all the movies I listed were remembered by many Besides Les is using that word in his new series and I want to avoid a copyright suit.:) 

Now that I have bored you, let’s talk about five more movies I love which do not get enough attentionin my opinion.

#5. Soapdish

If you’ve never heard of this, log onto Netflix and check it out! This is a little comedy which really is pretty funny. It’s basically aparody of soap operas, and has a fantastic all-star cast. Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Kline, Elizabeth Shue…and that’s just for a warm up. Why this movie never appears in lists of people’s favorite comedies is beyond me. It’s a very broad comedy and to be honest the story makes no sense, but the laughs are what make this movie so awesome! I would give a plot synopsis, but I would need to do an entire review of it and don’t have the room in this format. Awesome movie!

April 3, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 7, Part 2)

Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 7, Part 2

Season 7, Episode 7
The One with Ross’s Library Book
Plot Summary-Rachel and Phoebe convince Joey to continue dating a girl they like, Ross discovers that people are having sex near his thesis in the library, Janice returns….enough said.

Funniest Line-“Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to increase security in the Paleontology section? I wrote a book that's up there, and instead of reading it people are... well, they're rolling around in front of it.”….Ross

Nitpick of the episode-While they did a good job with Janice here, I can’t help but feel they could have gone even further with her finding out Chandler is engaged. I don’t often make comments like this, but I hated Rachel’s short hair in this and the next several episodes. From what I read, so did Jennifer Aniston.

Standout Character-Joey, always nice to see there is a real person in there

Syndication Edit-The first scene with Janice was a bit longer, I think Joey’s reaction toseeing Janice was cut but I could be wrong

Final Thoughts-Well after not seeing her last season (voice over aside), Janice returns in her full glory this season. You knew she had to have feelings about Chandler being engaged to Monica, and overall this episode handles that verywell. The story about Rachel and Phoebe talking Joey into continuing to date awoman they like is good, but the cop out in having her be just as shallow as Joey was weak. Ross’s story is stupid, but ends up having the biggest laugh inthe episode.

Grade=B-,always fun to have Janice back

April 2, 2013

Analytical Episode Guide-Friends (Season 7, Part 1)

Analytical Episode Guide:

Season 7, Part 1

Season 7, Episode 1
The One with Monica’s Thunder
Plot Summary-Monica wants to celebrate her engagement but a sudden reunion of Ross & Rachel sidetracks her, Joey thinks he can pass for 19 while Phoebe tries to get Monica to let her sing at the wedding

Funniest Line-“I'm sorry, uh apparently I've opened the door to the past.”….Monica

Nitpickof the episode-This is a tough one to judge because you can sympathize with Monica but at the same time you can say that she ruined her own night. She is the one who made a big deal about Ross and Rachel.  Oh, and isn’t it funny after all that drama with Phoebe that she never sang a word at the actual wedding?

Standout Character-Rachel, I feel for her it must be hard seeing Monica engaged when she was so close to being married only to end up not. It also makes her story from the previous episode more than just pointless filler.

Syndication Edit-Longer opening, Rachel telling Joey to dress the age he wants to play,Phoebe’s first song

Final Thoughts-This is a bottle show, so you can imagine that I really enjoyed it.  Monica and Chandler are funny, Phoebe and Joey are funny, Ross and Rachel are funny. This is really a strict character piece,and that make sense because Monica and Chandler getting engaged does change things. No longer will they be six single friends hanging out, and that makes adifference! Ross gets the funniest line at the end about his hands, and I amnot about to describe it here. If you have never seen the episode check it out. Great start to the season! Would it last?

Grade=A-,strong episode but would the season stay strong?