May 31, 2017

Top 10 Star Trek Uniforms, Worst to Best

I really should have done this one last year. With all the talk about the cool stuff on Star Trek from the effects to ship designs, there is one area I never really addressed. And that is those awesome uniforms that everyone wore. From classic TOS through the new movies, the uniforms were always awesome and were as much a part of the show as any other element. Would it be Spock without that sky blue shirt? It just wouldn’t be the same. It’s no surprise so many people have their own copies of them. So I thought it would be fun to go over the various uniforms and pick my favorite. And as I no nothing about fashion, don’t expect specific details we are going purely on superficial appeal.

May 25, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 9, Part 4)

Time to wrap things up my friends……

Season 9, Episode 13

Plot Summary-Ray doesn’t appreciate when Amy tries spending time with him

Nitpick of the episode-I’ll never get why Ray can’t sit with someone and just listen to them talk. There’s a great continuity nod I hope was intentional. In her first appearance Amy mentioned loving to eat raw cookie dough, and when Ray insults her that’s exactly what Amy eating in the kitchen!

Best Line-“We should get in there dads probably got the fondu pot on his head like Winnie the Pooh”…Ray

Episode Fun Fact –

Deleted Scenes-Robert tries to find out if Amy is still angry, Marie embarrasses Ray

Syndication Edit-The tag where Ray does talk to Amy…of course enraging Robert and Debra. Maybe Ray shuts up because he just can’t win?

Best Character-Amy, probably her best episode and she even gets angry which is nice to see. Though fondu date night? Really??

Worst Character-Ray, once again we see the simple act of sitting next to someone while watching a sporting event is too much for him to handle. The only difference is its Amy this time. Even she admits she knows Frank better than Ray!

Final Thoughts-One thing I didn’t get about this episode was how quiet Marie was, did they have nothing for her to say? She did have some lines in the deleted scenes so I guess that answers that. The episode addresses something which has come up before, why the hell is Ray incapable to talking to people? It’s why his conversation with Pat last season was so nice to see. He can do it! All he has to do is sit there and let Amy prattle, why is that so hard? To be fair Amy is a talkative person but when Ray can’t seem to talk to anyone it’s hard to put the blame on her.


May 22, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 9, Part 3)

May 20, 2017

My Five Comic Book Guilty Pleasures

May 18, 2017

Ten Awesome Ad Campaign’s That I Just Love!!

May 17, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 9, Part 2)

May 15, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 9, Part 1)

May 11, 2017

Ten Annoying Ad Campaign’s That Drive Me Nuts!!

Hey have you seen those Chevy commercials where “real people” stand around a Chevy and act as if they’ve never seen a car before?

Yeah Chevy has been running these ads for awhile now and they drive me nuts. What am I supposed to think, that a random women said the car was “the jam” that means I have to get myself one??? Either these are not “real people” or they are coached because their reactions are not how people react (there are parody videos all over YouTube which illustrate this).

However, this is not the first ad campaign that drives me nuts. It’s one thing when we get a commercial that sucks, it’s one ad and you know it will go away eventually. Sometimes it’s so bad it never even air (Kendall Jenner anyone?) But a  “campaign” is another story. Endless ads with the same message all more annoying then the rest. Here are a few that I hated over the years. These aren’t necessarily controversial or even the worst out there, they just aggravated me :

The Burger King Guy
There are a lot of things that scream 90’s, this annoying jerk is one of them. As awful as that plastic Burger King thing they show is, at least he didn’t talk! He just glared at you…maybe that’s not better. Amway, this guy was Dan Cortese and he was so damn annoying! By the way in the ad below Burger King brags about bringing the food out to you. Yeah, how long did it take them to get over that stupid idea?

May 8, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 8, Part 4)

We’re finishing up Season 8 today. As you may recall the season was pretty strong in the start. Will it finish up that way?

Season 8, Episode 16

Plot Summary-Robert is torn between being a security salesman or staying a cop

Nitpick of the episode-Where the hell did this security salesman stuff come from?

Best Line-“I didn’t get robbed till I got an alarm!”…Ray

Episode Fun Fact –

Deleted Scenes-Robert reflecting on the birthday party

Syndication Edit-top of teaser

Best Character-Amy, she actually stands up to Marie showing she has more of a spine then Debra

Worst Character-Robert, for the life of me I will never understand why Robert has such a hard time making a decision in this episode. Actually that isn’t so bad, the real question is what made him decide being a security alarm salesman was the way to go?

Final Thoughts-Well we’re back were we left off, with another episode that aggravates me. What the hell is up with that security system nonsense? It’s lazy sitcom nonsense that shouldn’t be on this show. And if that’s bad enough Robert is an idiot for the whole episode, why is that decision so hard to make? Amy says he has asked literally everybody! Even when he finally makes it he’s practically forced into it by Ray. To be fair the debate about why Robert should or shouldn’t quit is handled well and it’s nice to see Amy stand up to Marie a little bit. Marie is of course Marie, only caring about herself. It’s also cool to see pat and hank disagreeing, it makes them more human.


May 4, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 8, Part 3)

May 1, 2017

Analytical Episode Guide:Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 8, Part 2)