May 30, 2021

The One with the Friends Reunion on HBO Max

Ah yes my friends the day has finally come. The Friends reunion, meant initially to celebrate the launch of a new streaming service, that was delays by COVID is finally here. Since I am a huge fan of the show, as if you couldn’t tell by my episode guide awhile back, I had to watch. It finally reunited all six cast members together! 

So I decided since I reviewed every episode and discussed other aspects of the series, it was only fitting to go over this special and discuss what worked, what didn’t work...and what I wish they had included. I know, it was almost two hours as it was!

The special was amazing….but not perfect. While it was a standard reunion that we’ve seen other shows a million times do it was also kind of a documentary too. So we kept going back and forth between the on set reunion of the cast and the literal reunion with the cast in front of an audience with behind the scenes segments mixed in.