October 23, 2016

My Favorite "NOOOO!!"'s From TV and Movies

One of the biggest cliche’s in movies or TV is the yelling of NOOO!!! when things go bad. This is usually a very dramatic moment, though sometimes it can unintentionally silly. This has been done so many times that picking just a few was simultaneously easy and hard. There are dozens of these, but I managed to find my favorites. Though I decided not to limit them to a certain number, these are just some of the one’s I love, in no particular order…

Michael Scott in The Office
Honestly, I am just sharing this because it’s just a cute clip. I have no idea what episode it’s from, nor do I feel like trying to find out. But it’s a nice way to kick off the list. Steve Carel is awesome he can make things that shouldn’t be funny, funny as hell.

Frodo in Lord of the Rings
I don’t think it’s a secret that I have never seen these movies, but that doesn’t mean I am not aware of some of the things that happen in them. One of them being the reaction when Gandolf dies, and Frodo’s very passionate reaction!

October 20, 2016

Ten Halloween Episodes With No Halloween In Them

Here is something which annoys me, when a show happens to be set on a holiday but the plot has nothing to do with the holiday. I mean, at all. Even a lousy B story! For instance he Seinfeld episode “the Andrea Doria” is clearly set at Christmas But aside from the decorations the subject is NEVER brought up. Why bother then? Halloween is no exception to this. I think a lot of times setting it at Halloween is network mandated, because the episode is airing at that time. Other times it could be that the creators have a cute Halloween idea but it isn’t enough to carry an episode, so it gets a few scenes and then that’s it. Either way I think it’s a stretch calling them Halloween episodes.

Here are ten episodes where the show is set at Halloween, but you’d hardly know it. These aren’t bad episodes (mostly) by any means, they just aren’t good Halloween episodes in my opinion. And this is all in good fun by the way, there is no rule about what makes a good or bad Halloween episode.

The Cosby Show, “Cliff’s Mistake”
I guess this takes place on Halloween but the word is never used. There is a B story where the kids are making a haunted house (er, basement). So we get a couple scene of the kids dressed up and setting things up. But the A story takes up most of the time, and is about Cliff losing a drill he had borrowed from a neighbor. This isn’t the worst, you could watch this on Halloween and get enough to be satisfied, but I think that as far as Halloween episodes go it’s pretty weak. The syndicated episode ends with Peter being scared away by the haunted  house, the original ends with Cliff apologizing to his friend (he found the drill). The syndicated version is better.

Full House”It’s Not My Job”
This episode opens with a cute teaser scene where everybody is dressed up for Halloween. What is the rest of the episode about? Jesse deciding to resign from his job as an exterminator. Wow, scary! I am guessing that since the episode aired right before Halloween someone, the creators or the network, decided they needed some kind of nod to the holiday in there. But I hate it when the teaser promises something and you get something totally unrelated! This is one of those times when I bet it was easy to edit for syndication. There is also a Season Three episode called “Divorce Court” where Halloween (or a costume party anyway) is also very loosely connected to the plot. A little better than the season 2 episode, but not by much.

October 17, 2016

Ten Scary Sitcom Episodes Great for Halloween

Sometimes I can be picky, and for me you can’t call it a Halloween episode just because it’s scary. It has to actually have something to do with the actual holiday. Buuuttttt, maybe I am just a nitpicker. For example, one of my favorites is the "A Different World" episode called "Tales from the Exam Zone" which is a Twlight Zone spoof and the epusode goes all out with it. With strange visuals and a creepy atmosphere that makes a great Halloween episode, even though the episode is about mid term exams and not Halloween at all.

So here are episodes of TV shows which are scary enough to be Halloween episodes. Even though the holiday is never mentioned.

The Brady Bunch, “Fright Night”
This episode aired the week of Halloween so I can’t imagine that was a coincidence. It still isn’t a Halloween show per se, it’s just the kids playing pranks trying to scare each other, but it’s about as close to being a Halloween episode without actually being one that you’re going to get on this show. After the boys scare the girls into thinking there is a ghost outside, they get their revenge by daring them to sleep in the attic, and scaring them. Then all six gang up to scare Alice in a scene which is kind of a bit creepy, course having that creepy Hawaiian Idol music from the Hawaii episodes helps. The episode ends with Mike reprimanding all the kids in one of his harshest punishments. There is also a season one episode when Mike wants to sell the house so the kids dress up as ghosts to scare the potential buyers away. And of course The Slumber Party episode where the boys try ro scare the girls with costumes and silly tricks.

Laverne and Shirley, “Haunted House”
This one didn’t surprise me at all. This series covered everything from earthquakes to hurricanes. In this episode, the girls and Lenny and Squiggy go to a house for a new couch. The house is said to be haunted. And we get all the tropes from the sounds of chains being dragged through the halls to dogs barking at the moon. Even a revolving door and a piano that plays by itself. The girls get trapped and the episode is about how they can escape the crazy house. By the way I looked for Happy Days but while they had a few Halloween episodes it seems they were all set on Halloween. But either way they are worth checking out.

October 15, 2016

Top 12 Favorite Evil Villain Laugh’s

Villains are a lot of fun, and one of the coolest things that a villain does is the evil laugh. When done right, a villain laugh can send chills down your spine. Usually this comes at a moment when it looks as if they villain will win, and the right laugh shows extreme confidence. Check out this clip of Friends where Phoebe explains her plan laugh,and how the right laugh is key:

Course Friends is a sitcom, when these laughs really work is when it comes from a truly evil villain.
Here are my twelve favorite evil laughs :

#12.Cruella De vil  from 101 Dalmatians (Live)
Honestly, I hated both of these movies. But you gotta admire how much fun Glen Close has in this role. And it’s all summed up in this awesome laugh.

October 13, 2016

Analytical Episode Review:ELR, "Halloween Candy"

My plan for next year was to get back to sitcoms, since I have strayed from them especially with my excessive Star Trek focus this year. I really wanted to bring back the Analytical Episode Guide’s, and there was really only one show that made sense to discuss. Everybody Loves Raymond. I have tried to discuss it in other articles but can never say all I want to.  I have a lot to say about this series, and the best way to do it is to cover every episode. But I can talk more about that later, for now since its Halloween I figure I could do a little sneak preview and review their one and only Halloween episode.

So that being said…Halloween sitcom episodes doesn’t get the respect that horror movies and specials do, but there are tons of them out there and some are really good. Today let’s talk about a Halloween episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Can Ray ruin another holiday by being preoccupied with sex? He sure tries.

“Halloween Candy”
Aired October 26.1998.

October 11, 2016

Random Thoughts:Is The New Superman Any Good?

Before I begin there will be no spoilers for the season premiere of Supergirl, this is just my initial thoughts on one aspect of that episode.

Is The New Superman Any Good?

When Supergirl premiered last year it was understood that the focus was Supergirl, so Superman was around but off in Metropolis. And that made perfect sense, they did that in the comics for years! But then they did silly things to keep Superman out of the picture too much. I mean, we would see Superman and Supergirl conversing over instant messaging and texts, and that was all! Forget that no on instant messages anymore, but the two never ever spoke in person! I mean, couldn’t he at least have a voice? How were we supposed to get the fact they were cousins if we never saw them interact in any way? We also got told things about Superman from others, making him even less of a character. The worst was when situations arose Superman should be aware of, the excuses why he wasn’t got silly. And it got even sillier in the final episodes when their attempt to keep Superman out of the story made him look, well, pathetic!

So when the series moved to CW the creators must have realized the same thing, so they set out to cast Superman. Who did they choose? First, I need to point out that those hoping for Tom Welling were foolish. Not only does Supergirl not fit into the Smallville universe, but while Welling a good Superman would not have worked in this series. Instead we got Tyler Hoechlin who has a nice resume including Teen Wolf. I knew nothing about him, and then they released a photo.


October 8, 2016

Top 10 Creepiest Songs for Halloween

How is it I haven’t done this one?

So yesterday I discussed scary music that I love, it’s time today to turn to actual songs. Some are themes but most were simply songs that were recorded and released into the mainstream. I don’t even think most were intended as Halloween songs per se, they just fill the bill so perfectly by being moody and even scary that we can’t help but enjoy them when October rolls around every year.

#10.Purple People Eater
Purple People Eater is cute and silly and..I don’t know why I love it.

October 7, 2016

Top 10 Creepiest TV & Movie Themes

 It’s Halloween!!  For a special treat I have a two part article for you covering something that, much to my surprise, I have never covered before!

Halloween is a great time for scary movies, cool TV specials, and of course Halloween episodes of sitcoms and cartoons. But the one thing that makes the holiday really stand out is the music. There is something so special about Halloween music, even organ music which normally I don’t care for but this time of year just works. Now in the past I have stated that I don’t really consider something a holiday installment if it has nothing to do with the holiday. For instance a horror movie is great but what does it have to do with Halloween specifically (except the few set on that day)? But with music I am more lenient, pretty much any creepy song will fit the bill. One reason being that finding Halloween songs are a little bit harder than Christmas music which is endless.

Today my focus is on theme songs, from movies and TV, which have a scary and ominous tone. These are theme’s everyone knows, even if you’ve never seen the show or movie. They’re creepy and dark, and get you ready for the scares ahead! The big rule here, no lyrics. Just the creepy music (and visuals). I will be covering songs with lyrics tomorrow. Here are my ten favorites:

#10.Amazing Stories
This was an anthology series in the 80’s which Steven Spielberg was behind. I wish it was more remembered than it is, but it was pretty cool! I know I may be alone on this one, but I loved this theme!