June 12, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (Where No Man..)

Back in the summer of 1991 I was bored and looking for a way to entertain myself. It was huge newd that year that it was the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek. My mother had the whole collection of VHS, and I realized there were lots of episodes I had hardly scene or never scene or only seen the syndicated version. So, I watched one episode a day until I made my way through all 79. My one regret is that I had no way to record my thoughts on those episodes.

Well 30 years have amazingly passed. And as we celebrate the 55th anniversary this year, it feels like the time to revisit this idea. Especially since there are episodes I haven't seen since that summer in 1991. Of course I will stream the episodes and I now have a forum to share my thoughts. The real question was, what format should the articles take? Course the fact I've done Underrated Trek's for these doesn't help. What if I did something less formal? Last year when I did my Batman overview I ended up summarizing the episode in my "final thought". So I will mimic that format, no "analysis" or trivia that can be looked up anywhere. Just run through the episode and see how I like it.

So let's start with the pilot. No, not the Cage we'll cover that as part of "The Menagerie". This is... 

June 11, 2021

Top 10 Favorite Batmobiles

When you think about it, the Batmobile is a silly idea. Maybe it made sense in the early days of comics, but why does Batman really need a car? And yet, it's a part of Batman's lore that is still around. Unlike other things that have faded away (does he even use a utility belt anymore?) the Batmobile has appeared in many incarnations each with their own unique version. Originally it began as a, well, car that Batman drove. But over the decades it has taken on a lore of its own. Others have tried to duplicate it, villains and heroes, but there is only one Batmobile!

So let's go through my favorite versions. These can be from live action, animated or comics. 

#10.Arkham Games

This is high because it's almost cheating even being here. Since I never really played the games. But it was only fair to include a video game example and looking over the design...yeah it is pretty cool. 

June 2, 2021

Underrated Trek:Memorial (VOY)

 Welcome back to Underrated Trek, where I take a special look at Star Trek episodes that I love…which may not be the most popular or even liked by most. I've done two or three of these now on episodes I strongly disagreed with, I mean so much so I refused to watch them again, and there is another out there it's time to discuss. We're back to Voayger as we look at...

Memorial is a season six episode and a pretty good one too. So what did I take issue with? Let's find out...

May 30, 2021

The One with the Friends Reunion on HBO Max

Ah yes my friends the day has finally come. The Friends reunion, meant initially to celebrate the launch of a new streaming service, that was delays by COVID is finally here. Since I am a huge fan of the show, as if you couldn’t tell by my episode guide awhile back, I had to watch. It finally reunited all six cast members together! 

So I decided since I reviewed every episode and discussed other aspects of the series, it was only fitting to go over this special and discuss what worked, what didn’t work...and what I wish they had included. I know, it was almost two hours as it was!

The special was amazing….but not perfect. While it was a standard reunion that we’ve seen other shows a million times do it was also kind of a documentary too. So we kept going back and forth between the on set reunion of the cast and the literal reunion with the cast in front of an audience with behind the scenes segments mixed in. 

December 31, 2020

A Look at "The First Day of the Last Decade of the Entire Twentieth Century"

Happy New Year my friends! And it's time to discuss something that is long overdue. A year or two ago I mentioned New Year's episodes of sitcoms. And one which I hated so much I didn't even want to discuss it. The strange thing is, it's a favorite episode for many. Even if you weren't a fan of the series. It's easy to hate on something that is generally hated and praise something that is generally loved, but hating something that is generally loved is trickier. But let's take this one step at a time. What series am I discussing?

Designing Women premiered in 1986 and I have discussed before how many problems I had with this show. With it's preachy, superior attitude. One episode that pissed me off when I saw it 31 years ago is a prime example of this stuff. What episode was that?  

"The First Day of the Last Decade of the Entire Twentieth Century,"

You just know Linda Bloodworth Thomason thought there was something special about January 1, 1990. Ok, sure. i was 16 at the time and don't recall people caring that much, but maybe they did. This episode usually appeared on lists of the series very best episodes, and considering the contents it is hard to criticize without coming off heartless. Or worst. But I hated it when I saw it. By the way the episode really did air on that date.

Over the years I have been going over stuff I hated when I first saw them and reconsidering them, for better or for worst. it's only fair to do the same here. So what happens in his episode? Lets take it step by step. I should mention I watched this on Hulu which from the looks of it used the syndicated version, so it's possible I missed some key lines.

December 9, 2020

Five Memorable TV Phones

 Almost every show features characters talking on a phone at some point. And usually that's just what it is, a normal phone we used at the time. From The Brady Bunch using a rotary phone to Friends using cell phones, you can literally track the progress of telephone's by watching various TV shows.

However, some shoes think outside the box a little and get creative with their phones. They have their characters using phones which, at the time, were either impossible to imagine or maybe they did exist but good luck getting one. Here are five:

Get Smart

This show was a great sendup of spy movies and TV, with the great Don Adams in the lead role. He is best remembered as Inspector Gadget but he truly shined in this show too. And one thing everyone remembers about this series, is the shoe phone he used to call the chief. The fact that this phone worked at all is ridiculous, but we loved it. 

November 28, 2020

Santa Lore Explained By Movies/TV

Originally Santa Claus was just a cartoon used to sell Coca Cola products. But as he became more popular, his lore had to be fleshed out. First we had "Twas the Night Before Christmas" which gave us a lot, including his belly being like a bowl full of jelly. Then we as "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" which added things like the "he sees you when you're sleeping, knows when your awake". However, there are still lot of questions about how Santa operates. And over the years, movies have gone a long way to fill some of those gaps. 

Here ae five examples of what I mean.

"How Does Santa Deliver to the Whole World in One Night", Santa Claus:The Movie

This movie is basically an "origin" movie so it makes sense that it would explain some things. The one part I like is when Burgess Meredith's character, "Ancient Elf" I guess, explains that the time continuum breaks down when Santa is in his sleigh and "time moves with you". Meaning that Santa is moving super fast from our point of view. This is something that stuck, it gets mentioned in The Santa Clause and even the much more recent "The Santa Chronicles" used this.