September 5, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (Turnabout Intruder)

Well my friends, we made it. 79 episodes and we finally got to the final one produced and aired. Is it good? Do I really need to answer that?

September 4, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (All Our Yesterdays)

 Just two more episodes let and today we have one that is often considered one of the highlights of season 3. However, I've never ben able to get into it. Let's see if we figure out why. 

September 3, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (The Savage Curtain)

 Here we have an episode that is infamous for its goofy gimmick. And I can't really blame anyone for snickering at the idea the show opens with. They got away with the Enterprise running into Apollo and even Flint yesterday, but Abraham Lincoln? Groan. 

September 2, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (Requiem for Methuselah)

So after two horid episodes can we get a good one today? Just maybe. This is one that some may like, but I never got into. It's a Kirk romance story but easily the worst. 

September 1, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (The Way to Eden)

 Well folks we made it. My candidate for worst Trek episode of them all. At least "Spock's Brain" and "And the Children Shall Lead" are so bad they're good. Even "Plato's Stepchildren" managed a moment or two. This is stupid on every level. I get that it was the 60's and the episode was reflecting the times, but man did have to be so awful?

August 31, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (The Cloud Minders)

 Well here we are again with an episode I've seen but can hardly remember. So far for the most part these episodes have turned out good. Will this one be as well? Like with "Mark of Gideon" the original script was re-written and would have made a better episode. 

August 30, 2021

Star Trek TOS Overview (The Lights of Zetar)

 This is another episode that I have a soft spot for even though it may not really be that great. A big reason is the guest actress, or character. For some reason I really like her and she elevates the show to watchable.