December 28, 2018

15 Favorite New Year’s Eve Sitcom Episodes

I’ve talked about my favorite sitcom episodes based around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is one holiday I have sadly overlooked. Well, two. But we have a few more weeks to dive into Valentine’s Day. No what I want to discuss is the popular New Year’s Eve episode.

December 26, 2018

A Look at TV Theme Opening Evolution

I talked earlier this year about how a TV show opening will be kind of lousy in a show’s early years. So lousy it gets chucked and replaced. Some shows never change their opening, it’s the same year after year. And then there’s that third category of TV show opening, when the opening music and even some of the visuals remains the same, but evolves as the show progresses. Maybe the music is jazzed up a bit or the graphics improved, but it’s not a replacement as much as an improvement to what had been. For example, The Brady Bunch was basically the same opening every year but the music was re-recorded as the kids grew and they updated the visuals to reflect the fact the kids were growing.

You can see this in Friends, Saved By The Bell, and countless other shows where it was the same opening they just replaced some of the clips.

December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas From the Variety Specials

December 18, 2018

Five Favorite Disney Christmas Shorts

I’m really quite shocked I never covered this one. I guess it feels like I did because I’ve commented on great blogs done by others.

December 16, 2018

Five Awful 4th Wall Breakers

4th wall breaks in Movies and TV are always fun. Sometimes it’s a wink to the audience or a gag, and other times the character is also serving as a narrator. Oh sure sometimes it works, it’s clear that Winnie the Pooh and friends know they are storybook characters for instance. And do I even need to mention Deadpool or Ferris Bueller? But there have been a few times when the wall breaking comes out of nowhere, or makes no sense. And I had to ask, why was this 4th wall break here?

December 11, 2018

Five AWFUL TV Replacement Characters

A few months ago I talked about replacements for superheroes and theme songs, and how they can be hit or miss. This of course happens on TV shows too. But it’s often more miss than hit. Replacing a popular character is very hard to do. For example, I mentioned Chloris Leachman the other day who did a decent job replacing Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life. Others may disagree with that, but I liked it. Other examples where it worked include Don Knotts on Three’s Company, Col Potter on MASH, and Rebecca Howe on Cheers. But for the few that worked you have examples like Budd Bronski on Wings. Remember him? Course not. Do I even need to mention Cory and Vance? Ughhhhh

December 8, 2018

“It’s a Wonderful” Sitcom Episode

December 4, 2018

Five Things I liked in "Scrooged"

Yep, another classic Christmas movie has an anniversary this year. There are lots of variations on A Christmas Carol set in modern day, but very few that clicked. This is one that definitely did. In 1988 we saw this movie in theaters, and loved it. This is the movie that made people realize Bill Murray was more than just SNL or Ghostbusters, and this would my favorite holiday movie I’ve ever seen in a theater. Until The Santa Clause came along anyway.  Now normally when I do these kind of articles I nitpick flaws in good movies. But since it’s the 30th anniversary, here are five reasons I love “Scrooged”.

December 1, 2018

10 Movies Set at Christmas But AREN’T Christmas Movies

This year marks the 30th anniversary of THE greatest Christmas movie ever made. Of course I am talking about…

Wait, what? Die Hard?? Yeah I know this is kind of an accepted thing now but I still don’t get it. What makes this a Christmas classic? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic action movie. I loved it in 1988 from the awesome action to the effective comedy to the amazing Alan Rickman as the villain. But aside from the fact it’s set at Christmas, how is it a Christmas classic? Ok they play Let it Snow at the end, but…really? A few years I decided to finally check it out myself, and watched the movie after several years. And to be fair, it does kinda start out Christamassy. You’d never guess what the movie would turn into. But then it becomes an action flick, and…Christmas? (FYI yes it still mostly holds up)

But there are tons of people who watch it every Christmas and who am I to argue with them? But the thing is, this isn’t the only movie to have nothing to do with the holiday but be set on it anyway. A couple years ago I discussed movies which will have a random Christmas scene, but otherwise have nothing about the holiday in it. But what about movies which are specifically set during the Christmas season..even though the plot has no connection to the holiday? Oh sure elements of the holiday may pop in, but the story is unrelated and in some cases even dark or disturbing! Yeah I know you’re all thinking of a few, but for fun let’s run some of them down.

Die Hard may have started the trend, but it sure wasn’t the last! Here are a few more:

Lethal Weapon

I honestly forgot about this one. But yeah it definitely takes place at Christmas. I guess I can see why people who don’t particularly care for the holidays may enjoy a movie where the lights and decorations are either being blown away or used to hurt people.