December 28, 2018

15 Favorite New Year’s Eve Sitcom Episodes

I’ve talked about my favorite sitcom episodes based around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is one holiday I have sadly overlooked. Well, two. But we have a few more weeks to dive into Valentine’s Day. No what I want to discuss is the popular New Year’s Eve episode.

December 26, 2018

A Look at TV Theme Opening Evolution

I talked earlier this year about how a TV show opening will be kind of lousy in a show’s early years. So lousy it gets chucked and replaced. Some shows never change their opening, it’s the same year after year. And then there’s that third category of TV show opening, when the opening music and even some of the visuals remains the same, but evolves as the show progresses. Maybe the music is jazzed up a bit or the graphics improved, but it’s not a replacement as much as an improvement to what had been. For example, The Brady Bunch was basically the same opening every year but the music was re-recorded as the kids grew and they updated the visuals to reflect the fact the kids were growing.

You can see this in Friends, Saved By The Bell, and countless other shows where it was the same opening they just replaced some of the clips.

December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas From the Variety Specials

December 18, 2018

Five Favorite Disney Christmas Shorts

I’m really quite shocked I never covered this one. I guess it feels like I did because I’ve commented on great blogs done by others.

December 16, 2018

Five Awful 4th Wall Breakers

4th wall breaks in Movies and TV are always fun. Sometimes it’s a wink to the audience or a gag, and other times the character is also serving as a narrator. Oh sure sometimes it works, it’s clear that Winnie the Pooh and friends know they are storybook characters for instance. And do I even need to mention Deadpool or Ferris Bueller? But there have been a few times when the wall breaking comes out of nowhere, or makes no sense. And I had to ask, why was this 4th wall break here?

December 11, 2018

Five AWFUL TV Replacement Characters

A few months ago I talked about replacements for superheroes and theme songs, and how they can be hit or miss. This of course happens on TV shows too. But it’s often more miss than hit. Replacing a popular character is very hard to do. For example, I mentioned Chloris Leachman the other day who did a decent job replacing Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life. Others may disagree with that, but I liked it. Other examples where it worked include Don Knotts on Three’s Company, Col Potter on MASH, and Rebecca Howe on Cheers. But for the few that worked you have examples like Budd Bronski on Wings. Remember him? Course not. Do I even need to mention Cory and Vance? Ughhhhh

December 8, 2018

“It’s a Wonderful” Sitcom Episode

December 4, 2018

Five Things I liked in "Scrooged"

Yep, another classic Christmas movie has an anniversary this year. There are lots of variations on A Christmas Carol set in modern day, but very few that clicked. This is one that definitely did. In 1988 we saw this movie in theaters, and loved it. This is the movie that made people realize Bill Murray was more than just SNL or Ghostbusters, and this would my favorite holiday movie I’ve ever seen in a theater. Until The Santa Clause came along anyway.  Now normally when I do these kind of articles I nitpick flaws in good movies. But since it’s the 30th anniversary, here are five reasons I love “Scrooged”.

December 1, 2018

10 Movies Set at Christmas But AREN’T Christmas Movies

This year marks the 30th anniversary of THE greatest Christmas movie ever made. Of course I am talking about…

Wait, what? Die Hard?? Yeah I know this is kind of an accepted thing now but I still don’t get it. What makes this a Christmas classic? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic action movie. I loved it in 1988 from the awesome action to the effective comedy to the amazing Alan Rickman as the villain. But aside from the fact it’s set at Christmas, how is it a Christmas classic? Ok they play Let it Snow at the end, but…really? A few years I decided to finally check it out myself, and watched the movie after several years. And to be fair, it does kinda start out Christamassy. You’d never guess what the movie would turn into. But then it becomes an action flick, and…Christmas? (FYI yes it still mostly holds up)

But there are tons of people who watch it every Christmas and who am I to argue with them? But the thing is, this isn’t the only movie to have nothing to do with the holiday but be set on it anyway. A couple years ago I discussed movies which will have a random Christmas scene, but otherwise have nothing about the holiday in it. But what about movies which are specifically set during the Christmas season..even though the plot has no connection to the holiday? Oh sure elements of the holiday may pop in, but the story is unrelated and in some cases even dark or disturbing! Yeah I know you’re all thinking of a few, but for fun let’s run some of them down.

Die Hard may have started the trend, but it sure wasn’t the last! Here are a few more:

Lethal Weapon

I honestly forgot about this one. But yeah it definitely takes place at Christmas. I guess I can see why people who don’t particularly care for the holidays may enjoy a movie where the lights and decorations are either being blown away or used to hurt people.

November 29, 2018

Top 5 Greatest Sitcom Casts EVER

So here is something I have always wanted to do. For a sitcom to be successful it helps if you have a strong cast. Of course most successful shows do (and I’ve talked about the shows that didn’t but fixed it later). What do I mean by a strong cast? Actors that not only elevated the material of the show they were in, . But even more than that,  a cast where EVERYONE elevated the material. Some shows will have a main character or two and the rest of the characters are just there, to be there. They contribute nothing except getting in some jokes. A good example is Murphy Brown, there were plenty of episode where the other characters either had one line and then vanished or didn't appear at all! The best casts get contributions from every member, every episode. Not just when the plot needs it. And it also helps if the actors went on to be successful long after the show ended

November 26, 2018

My 10 Favorite Christmas Movie Moments

A long while back I talked about Christmas movie moments that were a tad..out there. But one thing I never discussed were my favorite Christmas movie moments of all time. Not the whole movie, just a scene. It’s a scene I have to see when watching the film always brings a smile to my face no matter how much I watch it

November 24, 2018

Five Villains Made Up for the Batman TV Series

So before we turn to the holidays I wanted to continue my discussion of characters made up for franchises by TV or other media. In this case, it’s the colorful characters for the Batman TV series.

November 20, 2018

Five Thanksgiving Episodes I DO NOT Like

November 17, 2018

Top 10 Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Normally for Thanksgiving I like to go over sitcom Thanksgiving episodes. Except for the two years I did nothing that is. In the past I've either reviewed one episode for a series, or an overview of an entire series worth of episodes. But so far I haven't talked about one sitcom that was almost synonymous with Thanksgiving. Which show?

Yep, Friends did a memorable and clever Thanksgiving episode ever year. Well, nearly every year. And I decided it was finally time to decide which was the best, and the worst. From the looks of it I am not the first to do this. By any means. Oh well, every list is different so there's that. Here's my list anyway. Here are my top 10 Friends Thanksgiving episodes, from worst to best.

#10."The One With the List" (Season 2)

When I said they did great Thanksgiving episodes every year, meet the exception. Season two gave us no real Thanksgiving episode unless you count the B story here which I really don't. But I needed 10 episodes, so....

November 13, 2018

My Tribute-Five Stan Lee Cameo’s Outside the MCU

As you all probably know I am a DC Comics guy. But in spite of that, I still knew who Stan Lee was and respected him for what he accomplished in creating The Marvel Universe. Almost every character that fans love today Lee either created or at least had a hand in. From Spider-Man to The Fantastic Four! He was a legend and will be missed, having passed away today at the age of 95.

November 10, 2018

Five Characters Made Up for Non-Canon Star Trek

I talked about how Superfriends decided to add a little diversity to its roster by inventing a few Superheroes who were not original DC characters. This really isn’t unusual, all of the DC and Marvel TV shows or movies have invented all new characters. Some caught on and became regular characters in the main comic.

November 9, 2018

Five Superheroes Created Just For “Superfriends”

I’ve talked before about Superfriends. And how I loved it as a kid. And think it’s kind of silly today. But one of the ore interesting things that this show did was with the characters. Despite having a wide array of DC characters to pick from, the show introduced their own new creations to fight alongside the recognizable heroes. They weren’t given any origins or anything, they were just there. And for the most part only appeared in the cartoon!

November 5, 2018

A Look at Mickey Mouse Merchandise and Commercials

November 2, 2018

Ten TV Theme's with Secret Lyrics

So last time I talked about theme songs I mentioned how some theme's are extended into full length songs. But an even cooler thing some may not know is that a lot of iconic instrumental theme's do in fact have lyrics. Some were created for the show but never used, others added after the fact for whatever reason.

Here are ten theme's with the lyrics which you may have never heard before:

I Love Lucy

This one isn't really a surprise the instrumental version practically screams the words. Truth is though, as is the case with most of these, it's a lot better without the words.

October 28, 2018

Five Actors I Can’t Believe Played Klingons

Halloween is a great time to get dressed up and wear cool costumes and make-up. If done right a person can be completely disguised, And on Star Trek, the aliens created by brilliant artist Michael Westmore give actors the ultimate chance to dive into a character that they could never play in real life, and be totally unrecognizable doing it!

October 21, 2018

Five Unusual “Frankenstein Monsters”

I’ve long neglected the classic Hollywood monsters that have such long histories. So since it’s Halloween, let’s talk about them. I discussed ghosts last time but ghosts have no specific identity or backstory. Some monsters do, and there backstories are so well known that they are part of pop culture.

October 19, 2018

Top 5 Favorite Movie Ghosts

Well here we are now less than two weeks from Halloween, time for a Halloween article or two. Before zombies and vampires, ghosts were the huge thing. Ghosts are always fascinating because they don’t have to be evil or mean.  Heck, they can be normal people who just can’t leave the Earth. On the other hand they can be nasty creatures who seek to torment you. Here are five of my favorite ghosts from movies.

October 18, 2018

Five Actors Whose Characters Were Killed Off Their Own Shows

So “The Connor’s” premiered last night. I think we all know the backstory. After some rather alarming remarks from Roseanne on Twitter she was fired and her show is continuing on without her. It really is sad what a mess the Roseanne reboot has turned into, what was originally just a fun idea between Sara Gilbert and John Goodman.

October 14, 2018

Five Killed Comic Characters That Should Have Stayed Dead

So as I said last time, let’s talk about characters who shouldn’t have returned. Generally speaking when a character dies, who figures a resurrection is down the road. Usually when a character is killed the question “what happens next?”. But sometimes a character death has such ramifications that it’s kind of insulting to bring them back. It not only tarnishes whatever effect that death had, but it’s just insulting to the story where the person died.

October 12, 2018

Five Killed Comic Characters That Stayed Dead

It’s common for comic book characters, whether hero or villain or just supporting cast, to be killed and then resurrected a few months later. But once in awhile, a character will be killed and actually stay dead. At least until the universe gets rebooted. For example Gwen Stacy over at Spider-Man never really returned from her shocking death, though she had clones and alternate versions aplenty.

October 10, 2018

15 TV Theme’s That Are Also Full Length Songs

You may have noticed something odd in my last theme song article. The Fresh Prince theme was a tad, longer than you may have remembered. That’s because it was written as a full song. However, the full version was used all of once and after that we got the truncated (but still awesome) version.

October 7, 2018

Top 10 TV Theme’s Sung By the Show’s Stars

Last month I talked about awful Season 1 theme songs I mentioned how Charlotte Rea sang the Facts of Life theme that first year, badly. Thankfully that one was re-recorded but a lot of other theme songs are sung by the stars and the song does work and even becomes iconic.

October 6, 2018

Five Things I Liked in “Hocus Pocus”

Some guilty pleasures are so lame, we can’t stop loving them! I’ve mentioned this movie here and there but never did a real discussion of it. So, since it’s the 25th anniversary this year, this is a good time.

October 2, 2018

Five Movies with Way too Predictable Endings

 So this weekend I got to see the movie Small Foot with my little niece. It’s a nice movie, I was surprised with the story as I had not heard about it beforehand. What I was not surprised with was the “twist” in the end. I can’t explain without giving it away, and since it just came I wont do that, but let’s just say it was obvious.

To be fair most movies are a little predictable. I mean do you think we'll ever a movie where Superman doesn't save the day? But sometimes movies will have an ending so predictable it's practically told to you earlier in the movie. Or even worst, all you have to do is see the trailer to guess the outcome. There are plenty of these but I picked five which drove me nuts for their obviousness.

Autumn in New York

Some probably never heard of this one. It’s a romantic movie about a couple played by Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. They fall in love even though he’s a tad older. And that’s basically the hook. Oh, and she has a terminal disease. They reveal this in the trailer for the movie, brilliant choice. Any wild guesses how this one ends? If that’s not enough to keep you away, Gere and Ryder have zero chemistry.

September 26, 2018

Random Thoughts-Is It Ok To Still Like “The Cosby Show”?

Yeah I wont lie, I was one of those who did not want to believe the truth about Bill Cosby. Not because I think sexual assault or the like should be ignored or not taken seriously. But because I have been a fan of his for years, since before The Cosby Show (anyone remember Picture Pages?) so it was hard to accept. Not to mention the large number of accusers which is just, amazing. But a conviction is a conviction and while that number of accusers still seems large, you can’t deny the facts.

September 23, 2018

20 Sitcom Homes That Really Exist

So I spent two days talking about the famous interiors of famous sitcom homes. What about the exteriors? Oh yeah, you knew we’d get here eventually! Those establishing shots which give the home or apartment for our favorite sitcoms are very famous. There are even tours that will take you to them (and sadly I have never done one of them!).

September 21, 2018

20 Notable Sitcom Kitchen’s

So yesterday I did living rooms, it was only fair to discuss popular sitcom kitchens next. And as you may imagine, pictures were even harder to find!