May 18, 2022

Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Characters

Well here's one long overdue. I discussed my favorite Star Trek, Disney, sitcom, and Muppet characters but never discussed this franchise. With one exception but we'll get to that when we get to that. I think one reason is because before the sequels came out there didn't seem to be a large group to choose from. Star Trek had five series and there are dozens of Muppets if you include Sesame Street. And before people yell at me yes I know there are a crap ton of Star Wars characters when you include the minor one's but I am not a huge Star Wars fan remember. So let's see if I can figure out my ten favorites, they can be minor or main it doesn't matter, and for this list no EU material or animated shows are being considered just the nine movies (I never saw Rogue One or Solo).

And most importantly this just for fun and just my opinion, feel free to disagree


I went back and forth about this one. The character had a great start, beinbg an ex stormtrooper and all. But he never really went anywhere. In Last Jedi he spent most of his time on a stupid side quest and did even less in Rise. But he was good in Force Awakens and made a good pair with Rey.


If you said to someone there is going to be a character in the movies who only communicates in animal noises you'd think it was nuts. But it works, we always know how Chewey is feeling whether it be joy or rage and he really is a loyal companion. 

#8.Obi Wan (from the prequels)

One thing that the prequels did right was this character. Nothing against Alec Guiness in the main trilogy but Ewan McGregor really made this character work. He combined the wisdom of Guiness with the exuberance of youth to give us such good character there's an entire series coming about him.


#7.Princess Leia/Padme 

They are sort of high because when you get down to it, what do they do in the movies besides standing around looking worried? Don't get me wrong Lea is the one who reminds the others to have hope and all. At leas in Return of the Jedi she gets some action and character development. It's truly the way she played by the amazing Carrie Fisher that makes her so memorable. I also really liked Padme, but like her daughter her role seemed to be to.. be there. When they do get a badass moment however it’s always a good one. 

#6.Yoda (from the original trilogy)

Yoda didn't do much for me in the prequels but in Empire he was awesome. So wise with the most quotable lines in the movies. We didn't need to see him jumping around being badass in Clone Wars, he was just badass being himself. 

#5.R2D2 and C3PO

I've talked about these two before so will keep it short. They are the comic relief and excel at it. Never being annoying or ridiculous and even helping out at times. They loyal companions to our other heroes and good friends with each other. BB8 was kinda cute. 

#4.Han Solo

So do I mean the original trilogy or Force Awakens? Both! Solo goes from a cocky ass to wise mentor very convincingly. He doesn't believe in the force at first by the ebd he has seen to much to deny it. And of course he's just a fun character to go on an adventure with. Harrison Ford did a great job making him be more than just a stock character which he really is.

#3.Luke Skywalker

I'm gonna go against popular opinion here and say I liked like in the sequels just fine. Luke was a little to perfect in the original movies and seeing that he failed and had to learn to live with that was different. But the original movies of course are where he shines. A New Hope is a basic hero journey film but by the time we get to that trench run we are so invested with the character that the suspense still makes it one of the best scenes in any movie. This was something Force Awaken totally messed up and that fight was totally boring! 


Yeah, I know. Why is Rey after Luke when you could argue she is just a copy of him? Putting side the way she is played, I think Rey has more to overcome. Luke never, ever made me think he would ever turn to the dark side. Yeah they tried in Return of the Jedi to make us think he could but aside from that we knew he was a Jedi from the moment we met him. Rey was a little more conflicted, you could believe she could be swayed. I also like how she was arrogant at first and had to be taken down a notch. Learning from Han, Luke, and Leia through the movies. And while Rise of Skywalker was a mess at least her character arc was concluded. 

#1.Darth Vader

It's not easy to take one the best, most badass villains in movie history and make them a sympathetic character at the same time. But these movies do it, though I will admit Anakin's turn in Sith could have been better. That’s why he’s not on this list as Anakin. But Vader is a fantastic bad guy in fact when Jedi came out back in 1983 I dressed up like him for Halloween. The way he commands total respect is chilling and of course that voice! But he's not a one note villain either he's complex and that's what makes him more than a great villain. He's a great character too.

And why is this the only villain on the list? No one else really made an impression on me they were all kind one note and boring. Even Senator Palpatine though that may have been because I found Episode 1 & 2 intolerably boring. Kylo Renn was ok, but never came close to Vader. 


Lot of choices missing I realize, like Lando. He's fine just not my favorite. Poe who I never liked. Bobba Fett who made a really cool action figure. And of course Jar Jar who was just stupid. 

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