May 11, 2022

Ten Star Trek-TNG Episodes I Will NOT Re-Watch


My friends this is a special anniversary. This year will mark 35 years since Star Trek-The Next Generation first aired. As you know, I have said a lot about this show. I wanted to do a tribute like last year for TOS where I watched every episode, but that's a lot of episodes and I hate long projects. The worst part is, I'd have to watch episodes I really don't want to.

There's a big difference between saying an episode is bad and saying it is unwatchable. Ten years ago I talked about episodes of this show considered bad, but many I will still put on (or watch if it happens to be on). What about the episodes I personally find so boring and/or stupid I will not watch it, ever. So since I have praised this show, let's talk about the dreck. These are either episodes which aren't awful (for the most part) or even bad just not for me. Of course this is just opinion if you like the episode(s) that's awesome.


I said this already but how bad an episode can it be to considered one of the worst in season 1? Troi is getting married and who the heck cares. And of course Laxwana first appears but this before they reigned her character in so she's just annoying. A lot of people probably figured "Code of Honor" should be on here and I admit, it;s a close call. That episode is infamously bad. Honestly I don't watch the first two seasons much anymore but this is one episode I will never turn on. 



Yeah, I hated this episode and hardly ever watch it. It's  a little to dark and that ending..well it's become infamous by now. The aliens parasites invading Starfleet were a little to creepy. The idea would be re worked into The Borg and these bug things were never heard from again. 

The Icarus Factor

This episode is just so...nothing. There is nothing here to make me want to re-watch it. It should be since this is the one where Riker confronts his father. There's also a B story about Worf undergoing some Klingon right of passage. On paper it sounds like a good episode, but it's just so boring. Maybe it was to soon for this heavy a character episode. And yes "The Outrageous Okona" is a worst episode by every definition but at least I remember that one.

Menage a Troi

Cheating a little bit here because I needed a season 3 episode. And they are all solid. But this is one I would be hard pressed to turn on. Yeah it's another Laxwana episode but she's not the problem here. The episode is just DUMB. By the way if you want an episode where she is the problem check out the awful "Manhunt" from season 2. 

First Contact

Season 4 was tough to choose but I really hate this episode. The problem is that the episode is from the aliens point of view. And that's not a bad idea to be fair. But the aliens are boring and this episode drags as a result. 

The Outcast

I was surprised how hard a choice from season 5 was, that season was really pretty solid overall before things started spiraling a little in season 6 and full on in 7. This episode had noble goals but it's so boring and doesn't quite achieve what it wanted to. 

Rightful Heir

I hated the Klingon episodes as a kid, but as I got older I really learned to appreciate them. Some of the best TNG stuff is in those episodes. This is the exception, ut's just boring and dull. I had considered putting Aquiel here but that episode is stupid but watchable. It's about Kahless coming back to life or something it's just boring.

Journey's End

When it comes to season 7 it's very hard to pick just one. Some episodes have improved over time, like "Lower Decks" is ok. Some are so bad it makes them fun, like "Genesis". And then you have this one which made zero impact on me and I don't think I've seen it since the first time it aired. This is the episode that involved relocating Native American analog's while giving Wesley Crusher some closure.

and finally..

Sub Rosa

Yeah I know like I haven't brought this one up before. I have seen this episode literally just once and will never watch it again (aside from clips in other shows). I wont even do an underrated article on it because that would mean sitting through this nonsense garbage. It's bad, it's stupid, and I prefer to pretend it never happened. What's the plot? Dr Crusher has ghost sex with a candle. That's all you need to know. 

Hopefully I will have more this year to celebrate the anniversary of this show. Including good stuff! 

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