September 20, 2021

TV/Movie Moments That Made me "Fan-Gasm"

When you're a kid it's easy to get excited when a new movie or show or even toy is coming out based on something you love. But as you get older, you outgrow things. Few adults get excited at the latest toys and when a movie or TV show comes out it's hard to get to excited about it without coming off as immature. I'm not saying you can't get excited it's just not the same way as when you're very young. However, once in awhile a scene will pop up which just grabs that inner child within you and you can't help having a "fangasm".  Oh and no i am not talking about that show from a few years ago. Because of course there was a show with that name. I am discussing the moments that almost make you forget your not a kid anymore! 

I have actually been sitting on this one for a while because, well, it's embarrassing. Especially when you are watching with friends who may not share your passion, causing you to wonder the big deal it. oR when you know the product realty isn't worth the accolade, but the scene or even line just hits you the right way. The criteria for this is simple, it has to be a franchise I loved a kid and the reaction had to come from watching something when I was much older. 

Smallville Ending

Yes I know, I know. Smallville wasn't the best show. The final couple years weren't that good. The finale was a disappointment to a lot of fans because we didn't really see Tom Welling in the suit (my theory is it's because he looked stupid in it). I get all that. But when I saw the final scene of him changing with that John Williams score blasting away, sorry but I couldn't help but eat it up.

Arowverse Invasion

I thinks most know what the Arrow verse is, which doesn't get nearly enough respect in my opinion. These shows so such a better job with these characters than the stupid DCEU did. They characters are well done, the action is decent, and the shows clearly respect the source material. I think the reason it doesn't get a lot of respect is because it's on the CW which...yeah I get it. During the crossover event a few years I was caught by surprise at this moment where the Waverider saved the day. And I loved it. 

Avengers Assemble

I am not now or will ever be a Marvel fan. Don't get me wrong what the MCU did was more than impressive and I have to tip my hat to them. But the movies don't grab me and I have always been a DC guy. I did like the first Avengers movie and even I had to admire that big moment when they all finally assemble in that beautifully filmed group shot with the music blasting. They knew that was there money shot and made it count! 

More than Meets the Eye

I am one of those people who couldn't help but like the first Transformer movie. It was a fun watch and I had no big problems with it. My favorite moment was at the very end, when Optimus Prime use that famous tag line. I don't know why, I loved it. To bad the second movie was pure god awful. 

Superman vs Batman

This was a bad movie. It's dark, it's long, it's boring and it is not the version of these characters I want to see. However, all that being said there is one amazing moment. And it's the one where Wonder Woman shows up for the final fight. It truly energizes the film, and it's no surprise the scene is the best of the movie for many.

Trials and Tribble-ations

Yeah I know, as if I haven't talked enough about Star Trek the last two months. And it's true I wasn't as old when this aired, but old enough. The promo hooked me, why? Because whoever out it together was smart enough to use a music sting from the original series in the teaser. And yep, I was in!  

We're Home!

So let's say you've produced a new Star Wars movie which isn't a prequel but a follow up movie reuniting the original characters along some brand new one's. You need a hook in your trailer to get those fans, who may have given up on ever seeing these characters again, excited. This trailer does the trick. 

That's all I came up with, do you agree or even have some of your own? Comment and let me know . 

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