July 27, 2015

Ten Memorable Celebrity Movie Cameos

I love cameo’s! I could be here all day talking about surprise appearances on TV, but I think instead I’ll focus on movies. It’s a real special treat when a celebrity you weren’t expecting appears in a movie. Sometimes they play themselves, and other times they are so buried under make-up you don’t even realize it’s them at first. Yeah sometimes they made no sense (why was Christian Slater in Star Trek VI?) but it’s always a memorable moment. Here now are ten of my favorite movie cameo’s.

Two rules,  the actor/character has to have at least one line (walk-on’s where the actor basically waves to the camera and then is gone aren’t as much fun) and only appear in a single scene to count. Oh and needless to say that these are in no particular order.

10.Big Bird in The Muppet Movie
Of course, I could do all Muppet movies for this list and still not get all the cameo’s they have had in these movies. This one barely counts as a drop in the bucket. But it was always one of my favorites. Kermit and Fozzie are driving along when they run into a big yellow bird. It makes me smile every time.

9.Donald Trump in Home Alone 2
Say what you want about Trump, and there is plenty you can say, but back before he became a crazy Ross Perot wanabe he made a cute appearance in Home Alone 2. It happens when Kevin first enters the Trump Plaza, and while it is a fast scene it’s one of the movie’s better cameo’s. And no I don’t hate Home Alone 2 though it has problems.

8.Bill Murray in Zombieland
If you know me you may be surprised I ever saw this movie. Well, I haven’t. But this cameo is so famous that I watched the clip and loved it. It’s famous for a reason, and the best part is Bill Murray’s dig at the gof awful Garfield movie.

7.Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore
Again, never seen this movie. Why would I? I hate Sandler. But this cameo is so famous who doesn’t know of it? As a major Bob Barker fan, I have to love this scene even if I never saw the film. The setup is simple, Gilmore gets into a fight with Berker during a golf tournament. The rest is history.

6.Glenn Close in Hook
I don’t remember for sure if I knew this going in, but it was pretty big news. Glenn Close was visiting the set and loved it so much she asked for a cameo. And they obliged, giving her this quick scene. I won’t say she is totally undientifiable in the scene but just the fact that Glenn Close of all people is in this movie is pretty wild.

5.Jack Benny in Mad Mad Mad Mad World
This comedy movie is filled with cameo’s, but my favorite is also possibly the shortest in the movie. A synopsis would keep us here all day, so to cut to the chase Ethel Merman is having trouble with her famiy (again it’s a VERY LONG story) when Jack Benny pulls up! He asks if they are having trouble, and Merman tells him to basically bug off. The response is classic Benny, and makes me laugh every time.

4.Anne B Davis in The Brady Bunch Movie
There were cast members from the TV series in the movie. Chris Knight’s cameo was to brief, Barry Williams was brilliant (could not find a clip!), and Florence Henderson was just silly. My favorute has to be Anne B.Davis. While she wasn’t technically playing Alice, she channeled that character into this one. She is the best part of the movie, even dropping a mention of her even older TV alter ego. It really makes it clear how awful the movie Alice was. As usual, Alice saves the day.

3.Huey Lewis in Back to the Future
Want to guess how many times I had to watch this movie before I noticed this one? Huey Lewis’s “The Power of Love” was the big song in this movie. So why not reward him with a cameo? He is the guy at the start who tells Marty that his band is “just to darn loud”. The best part? The song Marty is playing is in fact “The Power of Love”!!

2.Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek:Into Darkness
While I decided that Nimoy’s role in the 2009 Trek movie was to large to count as a cameo, this one is another story. So I decided to include it. Not much to say, it’s Nimoy’s final scene on film and it’s a fitting one.

1.Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride
What’s even better than a celebrity walking onto a film? When a famous celebrity plays an actual character in the movie. Like Bob Barker and Bill Murray, this cameo was so famous I knew of it without ever seeing the movie. Unlike those two, I have actually seen this movie a few times and like it. However the best part has to be the scene stealing appearance of Miracle Max. Billy Crystal owns every second, right to that memorable final line which is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

Honoable Mention

Stan Lee hasn’t just made one cameo in a Marvek movie, he’s made like a dozen! I guess it makes sense, but man that Stan Lee likes to make cameo’s. Rather than list them all click on to the link, and a video showing them all. Of course I didn’t make the video but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Let me know if I missed your favorites, and I am quite sure that I can come up with another ten choices and be back with that.

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  1. Michael Jackson did a quick cameo in "Men in Black II".