April 6, 2020

My Favorite Characters-Sheldon Cooper

Last time I talked about a sitcom character who can come off cold and distance, but really has a good heart. The thing is with Benson is, it’s not that hard to see what a nice guy he really is. Some sitcom characters, you have to look a little deeper. Let’s talk today about…

Sheldon Cooper
I’ve talked a lot about him so will keep it short. Let’s put aside all the “controversy” on The Big Bang Theory and just talk about this character. Even though it had been explicitly stated that Sheldon does not have Autism, he really does act like it. So let’s see, Sheldon is pompous, arrogant, rude, a germaphobe and is only happy when he gets his way no matter what. He is a nice guy??

Yeah, if you realize he really doesn’t know any better. The thing with this character that makes him work in the long run is how much he does try to improve. He does try to be more tolerant, and when someone calls him out on something he will take a step back and try to understand what the problem. One exaplie is from a very early episode. After breaking into Penny’s apartment to clean it, Penny is furious. Leonard tells him apologize, and Sheldon scoffs at the idea. A lot of characters it would stop there. But when Leonard insists Sheldon relents. He may not understand things but will learn and try to understand “social conventions”. The fact that he met and eventually marries Amy is a perfect example. In one episode he points out much he is working to get over his disdain for physical contact and social interactions. This how the series would end, wuth Sheldon apologiing to his friends for not alays being the best friend he could be.

One of the things I liked in the series Young Sheldon is that we see that he was more flexible as a child. You have to wonder what he went through when he entered college, at the age of 14, and how that must have nade him even more withdrawn. Leonard in another episode of TBBT points out the he puts up with Sheldon’s aggravting tenendices because he knows at the end of the day, his heart is in the right place. Even saying that Sheldon needs him as much as he needs Sheldon.  Sheldon can be aggravating and annoying but I admire the way the character evolved in the series and was always trying to do better.

I also gotta respect Jim Parsons on how he was able to let the character grow while staying true to the character. So Sheldon has redeeming qualities that make him a good person. Tomorrow I think I’ll tackle a character with no redeeming qualities.

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