January 14, 2019

Top 5 TV Transformation Sequences (re-post)

This was written in 2012, in a rush. That happens a lot I’ll just kind of throw the article together and post it. Those who read my articles a lot may be able to tell the one’s that get a little more care than the others. This one is just bad. Granted it was an easy idea, but it doesn’t work for one little reason. no pics and no videos. I’m sure there were videos, or at least links, at some point. So here it is again a little cooler this time.

January 13, 2019

Five Comic Book Retcons That Stuck

Oh how DC Comics loves their retcons. Of course, Marvel does also but I’m a DC guy so I can’t comment on them. Many times a character will get a retcon, and given enough time that retcon will kind of disappear, be reversed or just become insignificant. But once in awhile a retcon comes in the form of a new or improved character. And if lucky, the change works well enough that it sticks around and helps to give us a new character who truly rocks.

Oh and it should be noted these are all the old versions of the characters, pre-New 52.


Going waayy back for this one. Back in the olden days, it was decided to give Superman a counterpart. So we were introduced to Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. How could this be when Krypton exploded leaving Kal-El the sole survivor? Weell, let’s just say the backstory in the original story is real lame. Though the basic idea lasted, that Argo City was somehow spared the destruction and then Kara’s father sent her to Earth the same as Kal’s. The story even served as the basis for the Supergirl movie and current TV show (in altered forms). This little retcon gave a great new character, so great that even after being killed off in 1985 DC kept trying to find ways to reinvent her. Some better than others.

January 9, 2019

Five Forgotten TV Award Shows

Well we’ve entered award season with The Golden Globes that aired last weekend. Course we got a bunch of biggies coming leading up to the Oscars. Not to mention Grammy’s, Tonys, and Emmy’s in the fall. And several in between those. Award shows used to be a bigger deal, with the whole spectacle of the music and fashion and seeing all your favorite stars together. Though it always irked me when they would say “every star” is at the event, yeah I don’t think that was true. Still, award shows were and still are quite fun.

January 7, 2019

What I Loved in the 80’s-Food and Drinks (re-post)

Last time I promised this year I’d do some re-postings of articles as well as follow ups.  The other day was a follow-up, so let’s try a re-write of an early article which could have been sooo much better. I wrote the original article way back in 2011, and there are lots of things I don’t like about it. The article is limited to five items, for some reason. I didn’t go into a lot for most of them, and the pics are long gone. It’s also a bad title, these are more snacks and junk food. So here is a larger look at this topic. I am leaving off cereal because that is an area I covered more in depth elsewhere.